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New member wondering if she is doing the right thing?

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  • New member wondering if she is doing the right thing?

    Hi everybody!
    My name is Claire and I am 27 years old.
    I am currently a primary school teacher but am thinking of beginning a wedding stationery business. I have done lots of research but it's getting to the scary part where I now need to move forward.
    I would love to hear from anybody with any tips on how you began your business. I am worried about the tax etc but have just read thread on this website which have helped.

    Looking forward to hearing from you xx

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    Hi Claire and welcome to the forum. Lots of threads on here about starting business, tax etc, but be aware that there is a lot of competition in the card making area and wedding stationery is certainly popular. You need to research things first and maybe start by doing it in a small part time way first to see how things go.


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      hi and welcome. Can I just say that I think you would be crazy to give up your job!!!Seriously if i were you I would start to develop the business alongside your job (maybe over the long summer break) to test the water. I make jewellery myself so can't give specific advice but there are people here who do sell wedding stationery


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        Thank-you, I am very aware it is competitive but after lots of researching there are only a couple of companies that are avaliable in my local area. I went to a wedding fayre on Wednesday and there was only one stationery stall.
        I'll research further though I can see it's going to be a challenge xx


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          Hi Janet, I'm definatly not going to give up my job I love it too much. I just think all my creativity that I had at college is only ever used when finger painting and the odd craft project.
          I have done lots of work so far over the Easter break and I'm enjoying it.
          This forum is great!!!


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            hiya and a big from me x



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              Hello and



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                Hi and welcome,

                My advice would be to start small time alongside your current job and see how it goes. The normal route would be to start by selling to friends and family and then move on to craft fairs/party plan/internet etc ...and then, only when you have built up a reputation for high quality, value for money (not cheap!), desirable products can you even start thinking about doing it for a living ...unless you have an exceptional talent you simply can't just instantly start making a fortune from a stand still position. I would say that tax should be the least of you concerns right now.

                I know this sounds negative, and by all means ignore it, but you have to be realistic. There may only be a couple of companies in your area ...but what's to stop people ordering online and having stuff sent from the other end of the country??

                My thoughts anyway ...having said all that I wish you massive success!

                Fair Do

                Fair Do's!


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                  Hi and
                  * Julie *

                  If you clicked the scales to add rep points then thankyou very much




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                    Hello Claire and welcome Good luck with doing your wedding stationery. Maybe you could put some pictures on here for us to see?
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                      Thank-you Fair-do for your comments.
                      I am definatly going to keep my teaching job, I should have said that a little clearer.
                      Starting small is the way forward and I agree with what you have said - thanks for taking the time to reply x


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                        Hi Nettie, that's a good idea.

                        I will try to do that over the next few days x


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                          Just thought, you'll need to get to 25 posts before you can put some piccies on here, so keep chatting
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                            Hello and welcome to the forum. I am sure you will get lots of help and advice here.
                            Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars


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                              Hi and to the forum.

                              Glad to hear that you are still keeping your job not only because you love it, which is great! but it really is best to find out where your business may or may not take you.

                              It took me over three years to build up my business enough that I could leave my full time job and it was blooming hard work trying to juggle both of them with running the house as well.

                              Mind you I did not enjoy my job which made me want to give it up even more..

                              Good luck and hope you get a right balance that keeps you happy.

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