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    Hi everyone
    I apologise if i am in the wrong bit or should be on another thread, please tell me if so. I am new to jewellery making and have been reading books and magazines for ages now. I am signed up to do a 2 day course in basic beading and some early wire wrapping and the basics of what it all means etc. However as i couldnt wait for advice i had a mad moment on the internet and have bought a super deluxe jewellery starter kit. It cost £160 (yikes) and now i have it i dont know whether it is worth it or not. I have compared it to a smaller kit which is at least £60 cheaper and the only difference i can see is the small box of Swarkovski crystal beads. Am i naive and dont realise that they do cost that much and if so, is it daft of me to pay for beads as expensive as that as a novice? Can anyone help me as i am feeling really guilty for spending that amount of money on something which i dont even have the experience of knowing is what i will need. I have contacted the company as there were some bits missing ie a string of pearls and a watchface, whether there is anything else missing or replaced i dont know as i dont know what the beads are. Please help, the company will take it back but then i wont have anything to start with.
    Thanks, Marshmaiden

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    I did a wire & bead workshop first of all, then went out and bought the essentials - wire cutters, 3 types of pliers, some wire, some beads, clasps, and have just gone from there. So prob spent about £30 at first on supplies.

    Since then of course have gone mad with beads etc, but have concentrated on stringing, basic wire work, so haven't had to buy more equipment/tools apart from crimping pliers.

    So will depend on what you want to use/how much silverworking/pmc work you're going to do as torches/hammer/block etc will obviously add to initial outlay.

    Personally for a new hobby I wouldn't have spent as much, but the value to you will depend on how much you're going to use, and how much the component parts are if not bought in a kit.
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      Being a beginner myself, I can't really answer your question to the degree in which I think would help you regarding your kit, especially not having seen it.
      When I started to dabble with beads and such like, I purchased a necklace kit to see if I liked it before I went any further and spent more than I could afford .. it cost about £6 and had beads, findings, thread and I gave that a go.
      The whole jewellery making process can be daunting I know .. I certainly don't know the names of most things!


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        Pound shop and market tool stalls for your pliers snips ect. charity shops and clearance buys at costume jewellrey shops for your beads pull old things apart. then play at copying stuff from your books and learn the hard but best way


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          Yikes is the word!

          I bought some of these pliers

          and a kit similar to this


          (not that exact one, have never bought from that shop before)

          than added to it as I went along. To me the fun of it is seeing the beads and thinking oooh I could use that for....

          Ebay is a brill place for beads, they have pretty much everything on there and I woluld recommend having a look and seeing what you like. The kit gives you a good idea of what the various findings are and whether you need them (eg I never buy eye pins as I rarely use them and if I want one they are easy to make)

          I would prob buy a few different packs of seed beads in various colours (I bought a huge pack from ebid for almost nothing) and if you want to play with wire some 0.8mm to bend and some 0.4mm to twist and wrap.

          Swarovskis are lovely bu they are pricey and if you are just beginning might be better to go for some czech fire polished crystal, they are not quite the same but it wont break your heart if you crack one with your pliers!
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            I am know as a cheap-stake so I would not spend that amount on a kit as you will probably find you have lots left over than you won't use. as the others have said there are lots of inexpensive kits and tools that would be good for a beginner.
            Obviously I don't know what is in the kit but for that price I would expect sterling silver findings and not just all plated and decent glass beads not just cheap indian/chinese ones. Although you say it has swaro's at the most the 4 and 6mm bicones are 10p to 15p per bead and the price of the pendants can easily be found on the net, so you can work out if it is worth the extra.



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              Has it made you want to make something NOW?
              I only started beading in November and started with a basic findings kit, a large selection of seed beads (as somebody else has already mentioned) and colour selections of Chezch Glass beads. Everything came of Ebay and every parcel was soooo exciting. Nothing expensive at all, but the surprise came when Celia (Ce) and I worked out how much we had each spent. It was well in excess of 200 pounds (no pound signs on this keyboard), but then no hobby comes free and after 2 showcases we are both in profit.
              My point? If you are inspired by the kit then it is not costing you too much, if however you are not, then possibly it is not the right one for you.
              Whatever you decide have fun, trawl eBay for beads that make you want to use them.