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    I'm Jules, and I'm addicted to sewing...the more detailed the better! I make personal (birth, wedding commemoratives) and home articles (aprons etc) and applique pictures using felt & fabrics.

    I've sewn since I was knee high to a gnat, and it's never lost it's appeal for me.

    I discovered the Crafts Forum this afternoon, and already it's been a huge help!

    Look forward to 'meeting' loads of like-minded crafters and getting the benefit of their help and advice!
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    Hi Jules,

    Welcome to the forum!

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      Welcome to the forums jules,

      Looking forward to your 900+ posts

      See if you can catch up with seahorse

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        Welcome to the forum!
        I usually make cards but have recently tried my hand at jewelry and I'm looking to make a skirt for my 3 year old so I might be asking you for advice as I am hopeless at sewing!
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          Hi welcome


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            900 posts...I wanted to read them too

            Sadly, they were part of a blonde moment I suffered earlier! I've realised, numpty that I am, that the numbers were the threads and posts in the entire category.....doh!

            Thank you all for such a warm welcome, and if I can give any sewing advice to anyone, then I'd be glad to help.
            Apple Tree Crafts


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              Hello to you.
              Please forgive 0103 Media, he likes to be cruel to me.

              I too was obsessed with sewing for half my life(until about a year when I discovered craft).
              And, my grandad was called Jules!!


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                Hello Jules
                Welcome to the forum from me too! I am afraid I have no talent when it comes to sewing, I am a card maker and craft designer, but I enjoy seeing and hearing about other peoples obsessions. It makes me feel like my obsession with card making isn't so strange!!
                Look forward to getting to know you.
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                  I used to makes cards...

                  ....and I have shedloads of stuff in my workroom left over from card making...I ought to get my act together and sell it on eBay really, and use the money for yet more delicious fabrics!

                  I still make cards, but I've now got the best of both worlds - my cards have completely handsewn applique pictures on the front!

                  The only problem I have, and I suspect it's not just me, is that customers really do not appreciate the work that goes into the cards and they think them extortionately expensive at £3.75 per card. But each card can take me 2 or 3 hours to make, and I have the cardstock & materials to cover in the price.
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