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    hi there

    always fancied myself as a bit 'crafty' so now im officially a stay at home mum i thought it was about time i actually tried to make something! dont actually have any spare time but willing to try none the less!

    getting married soon and would love to save money and be original by making as much as possible form invites to cake toppers so any advice welcomed!


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    hi helen, welcome to the forum. i hope you find the help you need here. i won't be much use on this matter tho!
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      Hello to you.Im sure there are books on making different topper types.
      I suggest going to a local craft shop, buying anything you like and then try differnt things out.Its amazing what you can learn by mucking about with glitter and glue.

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        Hi Helen,

        Welcome to the forum!

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          Hello Helen
          Welcome to the forum. Everyone here is pretty friendly so jump in and get involved. I am a card maker and craft designer so I am not sure that I can offer you much advice on cake toppers but I am sure someone will come along soon!
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            Hi Helen,
            Welcome to the Forum!
            I met someone once who had made incredible cake toppers from beads and wire - nice and light and very easy to attach to the cake!
            Good luck with it all - it sounds like a big project! If it gets too much I have a friend who makes invites/placesettings/orders of service etc bespoke for weddings.
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              Welcome to the forum
              I make cards so any advice you need then feel free to get in touch and I will try to help. There is also someone on here (can't remember who though!) who makes amazing cake toppers - she might be able to help you with that side of things.
              Good luck with all the wedding planning - I've just done some invitations for a friend and it was hectic and I didn't even have to worry about the getting married part!
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