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  • Newbie from London

    I am a member of the website which is predominantly american based and was getting upset at the amount of wonderful classes and activities they have over there which I can't get too!!
    Thought I would google for a UK based forum and here I am. I would like to tell anyone who lives in London about a group I belong to which is in it's early days and hopefully will keep going if it gets enough support. I found it through the meetup site and its a london group which is for sewing and costume making.
    Do people here meet up in real life to share at all?
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    HI THERE WELCOME bit quite here at the moment xmas and that im sure someone will know.


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      Hi there - welcome to the forum
      I think that some people on here know each other from going to craft fairs and have met up in the past. There is quite a large network of scrapbooking groups out there - I don't know if anyone on the forum belongs to one though. A local group does sound good and I hope it succeeds - you will have to let us know how it goes.
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        Hello there,
        Good luck with the group - we need more of this kind of thing!
        If there is anything we can do to help, please let me know.
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          The problem with beadworkers getting together is that it's a relatively new craft in the UK - even Beadworkers Guild groups are thin on the ground. As I am basically a mad artist underneath, I wonder if 'artistic' crafters have the same problem we always had on artist's forums - nobody actually wanted to meet anyone else! Artists are by nature an introverted bunch, and meeting another artist used to go........'Oh, hello, you're an artist as well then?.............long pause.................well, see you around.'
          end of artistic conversation!
          Besides that, I tend to lose friends just by meeting them!