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    Hi all
    just to say I am new to the craft of cross -stitching. Went to Hobbycraft and bought a sampler which I hope to do for my daughter who is getting married later this year. Looking at the stencil and the instruction sheet I realised I'd bitten off more than I can chew I learn best by example and someone showing me so am desperate to find someone patient who is willing to answer my questions and get me started. I was hoping there might be a club or group doing cross-stitch in Stevenage where I live,preferably in the Old Town,Fishers Green or Symonds Green area. Can anyone help?

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    I can't help with your specific questions, someone who can will be along soon, I am sure.

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      Hello to you.
      All I can recall about x stitching is fold the thingy that you sew on and find the middle of it and then start sticting from that point out.
      Im sure itl be fun once you get the hang of it.Oh and make sure your threads are stored neatly.Itl be annoying of they are all tangled and you dont know which colour is which.

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        I'm nowhere near Stevenage and it is a couple of years since I did any cross stitch, but I'd be happy to answer any questions that you may have You will find it easy and rewarding once you know the basics
        Cathy xx
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          Hi & to the forum, I hope you find some help near to where you are with cross stitching, is it the starting of a project your confused with? On the pattern there should be a starting point and then a colour change grid, there is lots of counting, I need to really concentrate when I cross stitch I always end up making my own pattern lol. Good luck


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            Sorry I cant help either but hello and welcome anyway
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              Welcome to the forum. I've done a little bit of cross stitch, but probably can't help you that much with it. Good luck with the challenge you've set yourself!!
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                Hello and to the forum. I do cross stitch all the time but am not near Stevenage. If you have a specific question PM me and I will try to help from afar.


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                  I haven't cross stitched for years - sorry, but to the forum!