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    Hi All

    I decided I'd like to make my own cards, however, this is something I've not done before so I've been collecting (and still am) all the equipment needed for this venture e.g. card, paper, peel offs, cutting board etc. I've also purchased an EAZI SCORE, however, there are no instructions with it I've no idea how to use it. Like I've said I really am a novice. So if anybody has any instructions on how to use this piece of equipment I'd be extremely grateful. I'd also be grateful if anybody would like to share their ideas, with me, for making Christmas Cards bearing in mind I really am new to this. I really would be grateful for any help offered. Nearly forgot I've already got several cardmaking CDs. Can't wait to get started.

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    have a look there

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      Originally posted by novice View Post
      Can't wait to get started.
      Don't!! forgive me if I am wrong.. sounds like you're "busy being busy" as my mother used to say when I was "preparing" to tidy my room (but not actually doing it!)..

      You really don't need much to get you started, a few bits of paper & card, glue, scissors and any bits and bobs that come to hand.. it's great having "everything".. but you wont know what you really need until you start making.. If you ask most cardmakers (and I bet a fair few other crafters!) they will have things they bought and seldom or never used! it is so easy to be suckered in when you see all the lovely toys in the craft shop etc..

      The simplest of cards are sometimes the most effective too, and the more you make, the more your confidence grows too!


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        Welcome to the forum.

        Yes, i for one have loads of stuff, I thought I would need, then didn't, not just in crafting.

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