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  • Greetings From Hampshire

    Hello everyone, my name is Melanie and I'm from sunny (at least today!) Hampshire.

    I have always liked the idea of being crafty, but have always had very little patience. For someone with this problem, I then for reasons I can't quite fathom, took up sewing, or at least tried to do so, and I still do such now, I even have a small pile of items waiting for my attention and feel somewhat guilty because I'm not doing such now, heh.

    I then tried crochet and tried so very hard, but I still can't do it. Occasionally I try again, but I think I have to face up to the fact that I just can't do it. However, determined to do something yarny, I tried my hand at knitting, but even though I am two years plus into my first garment (huzzah for slow coaches!) I have decided I really don't like knitting anything other than squares and scarves (that patience thing again).

    Next I decided I wanted to make beaded bags and somehow emerged from the craft shop with a necklace kit, to 'give it a go' and somehow found I do actually have a scrap of patience which was nice Then the beaded bag thing went right out of the window and I was soon churning out necklaces to such a degree that I had taken over a significant portion of the dining table.

    I'm still only a beginner and mainly do stringing. I also consider myself to have far too many beads for a beginner, especially considering I have nowhere to keep them all, but even saying that, I still want more.

    So yes, long story short, I bead and I sew (I also take photographs and write too, but that's neither here nor there).

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    Pleased to meet you

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      Hello Melanie, I am also from Hampshire. My home town is Eastleigh. Anywhere near you?
      Sue x


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        Hi &


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          Hello and welcome to the forum! When you find the "right craft" for you, then the patience will be infinite!! Believe me I have tried every craft there is and have stuck at none. Then I found mosaicing and my "true craft" now time passes when I'm mosaicing and I don't even notice
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            Hiya and welcome to the forum.
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              Hello Melanie and to the forum, I am also in Hampshire and today was beautiful.


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                Keep going with the crocheting! I'm don't have a lot of patience either, and it took me ages to get the hang of it, but once you can do it, it's great!


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                  Hi and


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                    Thank you all for your welcome!

                    Sue - I'm in a little village near Petersfield, right off the beaten track.

                    Diane - I think you're right about finding the right craft! When I got my first kit to try it out, I intended to go slowly, but was so engrossed that I had almost finished it in a short time and in one sitting!

                    Loula - Regarding crochet, I have tried learning from a leaflet given to me by the yarn shop, internet sites, a book my mother gave me for Christmas, the magazine a friend sent me from the US, a UK magazine and a handicraft book from the 1970's! All to no avail! The lady in the yarn shop said crochet is really hard and even she couldn't do it! The US magazine has a really cute bunny bag I wanted to make .. I think I should just admit defeat!


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                      Hi Melanie, to the forum. I lived in Alton for a couple of years and then a year in Kingsclere near Newbury before moving up here, it's a lovely part of the world.
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                        Hello Autumn Faerie! I don't know Alton as well as I could as even though I go there a few times a year to the War on The Line railway events, I never get much further than going up and down on the train!


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                          hiya and to the forum,
                          your post could have been me talking,lol
                          i've tried over the years lots of different crafts and like you have stuck on jewellery and have now found a huge passion for it, think i'm even on the verge of obsession now lol,
                          look forward to chatting to you



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                            I look forward to chatting to you too Emmalyne!
                            I'm getting itchy feet at present, wanting to go and to buy more beads!


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                              Hi and a very warm you will addicted to so many more crafts if you stay around this forum.There are so many crafts that I didin't know even know existed.
                              I too have tried so many,but have found my passion LOL in crocheting wire jewellery.I love it ,but my family don't as they find bits of my wire in the most strange places that have shot off .
                              Hope you enjoy your time on here.
                              Take care
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