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  • Hi from Balloozle

    Hi, i am hoping to teach adults a series of courses involving balloon twisting and balloon decor.
    I will be teaching balloon art up to exhibition standard and retail companies how to decorate/promote on a recession busting budget.

    Im looking for as much information as possible. Heres the ever expanding list, sorry its a tall order.

    insurance/legal issues
    lesson planning
    teaching advice
    finding a cheap venue

    or anything you think would be useful

    thanks for reading

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    Hi there, and welcome!

    You seem to have got your spiel sorted.. very concise! well done.

    I can throw in a couple of pointers for your list (not that bad!) of needs, I hope the following gives you something to go on..

    Insurance - you will need public liability insurance, as quotes are often dependent on your specific business, the practical thing to do is to contact a few insurance brokers or companies who will be only too happy to advise you of any specific issues.

    Teaching raises a few potential problems - for example you would need a teaching certificate/qualification if you were aiming to teach children, and I believe you need similar for further education also, but it sounds to me that you have a skill, and will share "tricks of the trade" with interested parties in return for a fee, which should pose no problem.

    Lesson planning - there are literally hundreds of books aimed at Teachers who are required to create and use lesson planning techniques, but you can also find free lesson plans for a number of subjects online.. I doubt you would find one for balloon craft.. but if you pick 2 or 3 different ones, you should be able to use the structure rather than the content. Although it instils fear and loathing in many teachers, lesson planning is not rocket science!! you have to set out who you are aiming to teach, What the lesson aims to demonstrate, what skills the attendees will leave with, and the steps you will take to ensure you achive this.. and show how much time you will allocate to each step, how you will monitor your progress and so forth.. and lastly, how you will know if the objective has been achieved.

    You dont mention if you have done teaching/demonstrating/presenting before, but if not, try to break your session in to small fairly equal segments, and intersperse sitting and listening with other activities (helps alleviate boredom, fidgeting etc, and helps keep people involved).. and dont forget to ask at the end of each segment if everything is clear and reiterate what they have "learned" already..

    Venues is a tricky one.. firstly define cheap!! A village hall may be cheap, but if you want to get a corporate looking event with people from a professional background, perhaps something more upmarket is necessary - If I was paying £150+ a day I would want the venue to reflect that.. if it was £30 I might be more forgiving! probably best to work out how long the course is and what facilities you need to provide or have provided.. refreshments for example, lunch, or catering outlets near by, parking facilities or transport links..

    I would suggest looking at hotels, many have conference and event rooms, and your event benefits from a (hopefully) nice venue.. They will be able to provide tea and coffee facilities and if you do not include a lunch in a day long course, there will be somewhere your customers can purchase food. I would say though, corporate attendees (i.e. those being sent by their employer) often rate courses by how good the lunch was! with a bit of persistence, you should be able to beat a hotel down to low/no room hire if you are buying add on services like tea/coffee and lunches especially if you are prepared to be flexible on dates and times.

    Your other options are community groups, churches and charities (many will sub let meeting spaces at reasonable cost), maybe even the local council, or try contacting your local "business Link" group. As a start up business, they will offer you varying levels of support, and may be able to help you with venues also.


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      Hello I just would like to welcome you to the forum, good luck with everything


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