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  • Hiya newbie in town

    Hi, my name is samantha and I love making jewellery and tiaras. I have been making jewellery and tiaras for nearly 2 years and I have just recently started working with sterling silver making rings and bangles.
    I have only ever done this for fun but as my husband keeps moaning at me,( it is taking over the house ) I will have to either not do as much or give some away.
    Does anyone know of anywhere that would take some of the jewellery and maybe put it towards a good cause?
    samantha x

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    Hi Samantha Glad you joined us

    Why not sell your jewellery, web sites are a good place to start if you havnt much time to stand and sell.


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      Hi & its very addictive

      Sara x


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        Hiya and a welcome from me too
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          Hello Samantha and to the forum.

          Jo x
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            Hiya and welcome

            We would be happy to take your products onboard and sell them at our fairs and donate the proceeds to our sponsored charity whilst covering your costs if thats an option

            Alternatively have a stall yourself

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              Hello and welcome to the forum. Don't give them away, if you sell them on ebay you can now give some of the proceeds to charity from the sales.

              Or better still sell them yourself and give the money to YOUR chosen charity.

              Or take them to a local charity shop yourself.
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                Welcome! Nice to meet you
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                  Hi everyone!
                  Thankyou for all the ideas. I tried ebay last year but sadly it was more trouble than it was worth. People either said they didnt receive them or I did not actually make any money after paypal fee's. I had never thought of just taking them to a charity shop. Most of the jewellery I have made is made from swarovski crystals. I have now moved on to working with sterling silver and concentrating more on tiaras.
                  I am thinking of starting to make to sell but it seems so many people are doing it and it is such a minefield.

                  Unfortunately I do not live near to have a stall Hardy-Davies as otherwise I would of very seriously considered it. Where I live the only craft fair has all the jewellery stalls the want and have a massive waiting list of people wanting a stall.
                  samantha x


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                    Good evening and

                    Giving them direct to your chosen charity is a good route. Some of them have auctions where they can also give you good publicity for your products, if you did go down the sales route. Alternatively, in the past I donated some of my ex-display tiaras to a young people's community theatre, who were very pleased to have the additions to their wardrobe dept.

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                      Hello Samantha and to the forum


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                        Hi and welcome to the forum

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                          Hi and to the forum!
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                            Hello and ! Look forward to seeing your work
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                              Hi and from me too !!

                              Sara x
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