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please allow me to introduce myself...

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  • please allow me to introduce myself...

    Hello everybody!

    I make leaded mirrors and roundels. Some are "Mackintosh inspired" but most are my own ideas. I've done just one local craft fair but have another one coming up on Fri so better get myself organised again! After reading some posts I think I'll get some insurance sorted out for a start.

    At the moment it's a hobby, but I would like to turn it into a small business. The first step would be to sell something to someone who doesn't know me!

    I've been mooching about this forum for the past week or so getting lots of useful information and reckoned it was about time I joined in! I do have some questions, first I'll try and decide which of the many categories to post under!

    Bye for now,

    Anne. website ... my blog

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    Hi Anne,

    Welcome to the forum!


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      Welcome - keep it as a hobby for as long as you can, it's more fun!


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        Welcome to the forum Anne, mine used to be a hobby and is now a business and now there is not enough time for the hobby but woudn't change it for the world. Good luck


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          Welcome to the forum Anne, I echo other posts..once the hobby becomes your job it gets much less fun!
          But then again if I remember my old job..that was much harder and much less fun than what I do now!!
          Look forward to getting to know you.
          Anice xx
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            Hello Anne,
            Good luck for Friday. I look forward to hearing more from you soon.
            Try a new way every day and work becomes play!


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              Hello Anne

              Hello anne and good luck for Friday. I am just starting out from a hobby to being self employed. I was wondering if to do a craft fair but havent got round to it yet. I do ceramic painting and pottery and am loving it. Just had a reallys stressful job that I gave up in Aug and I am now working for myself and loving it. Good luck!


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                Welcome! what an unique hobby, hope to see your works soon.



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                  Hi, thanks for the welcomes, the introduction section is a good idea I think.
                  Well, Friday's here & I'm all set for my craft fair tonight. I've revised some of my prices from the 1st fair I did (downwards I'm afraid!).
                  The only problem with making leaded mirrors is that they're quite heavy once there's a few of them, I reckon I'm looking at 5 or 6 trips to & from the car so hope I can get parked close by. I'm being optimistic & taking all my stock with me!
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                    Hello, can we see some piccies of your work.


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                      Hi Anne

                      I too would love to see piccies of your work. I just adore all things Mackintosh-inspired and of course, anything made from glass gets my vote too!

                      Good luck with making the transition from hobby to business. It is lots of hard work when you turn what you love into your full-time job, but it is so rewarding I think it is well worth it.

                      I start work the moment I get up, and don't finish until the wee hours most days, but its so nice to finally work for a boss I actually like

                      So I say, go for it! Best of luck.
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                        Your work sounds lovely and I cannot wait to see some piccies! Good Luck with your craft fairs.....

                        I am new to crafting too (make cards) and am not used to selling my work to anyone not related!!!




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                          Thanks for the interest! Umm, I will post a couple of pictures - just need to figure out how to do it first (may take a while!).
                          By the way, Friday's craft fair wasn't very good. It wasn't particularly busy and the people there were mainly just spending small amounts. I sold enough to cover my costs but that's all! Better not give up the day job just yet - oops I already have! But that was to look after my wee girl not to make a living from crafting thankfully!
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