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  • Helllllloooo!

    Hi to everyone! A great forum you have here!
    My mom and I are slowly setting up a business creating wedding stationery. In the past we have made cards for friends and family but recently we have received alot of interest and so started to sell them further afield! We currently sell handmade cards in a few local shops...nothing large scale and on a part-time only basis!
    About six months ago a friend asked for us to produce her wedding stationery, the whole collection, from invites to the table plan! She absolutly loved them and we very much enjoyed producing them. We had a few problems along the way, particularly with the table plan as she wanted round tables! It all worked out in the end however and we decided to concentrate on the wedding stationery side of things. My mom works in the bridal industry so we have a huge advantage where publicity and advertising is concerned. We have produced very basic business cards along with a sample book which is ongoing.

    anyway........ Hello!

    stacey & Dawn
    Wolverhampton - West Midlands

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    Originally posted by staceylou007 View Post
    Wolverhampton - West Midlands
    Hi.. wolves.. used to go to uni in wolves

    Welcome.. to the craft forums btw!

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      and what a fantastic place Wolves is
      well you probably enjoyed it! Living the Uni life and all!! Lots of my friends go to wolves uni and love it!
      thanks for the welcome



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        Hello Stacey and Dawn
        Welcome to the forum. Great to hear that you are getting some success with your wedding stationery. I have to admit I have kept away from it in the past because all the brides I have known have become psychos whilst organising their weddings!! I decided it was best to keep away! I make cards but mainly design backing papers. Looking forward to hearing more about your business and getting to know you.
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          Hello to you.

          Ive been asked to make soem wedding invites for pals in ayear or so.Im dreading it.Any tips?

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            Hi Stacey and Dawn
            Welcome to the forum, wow your order sounds like it was a bit daunting, well done to the two of you. Would be great to see some pics?

            Jo x
            Jo x

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              Thats what I do too - well I'm branching out into the wedding side of it very slowly. I did a friends wedding too - made and designed all the cards which I was quite proud of. It would be great to see some pics and, by the way, welcome to the forum
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                Hi Stacey and Dawn,

                Welcome to the forum!

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                  Thank you all for your kind welcomes! what a friendly lot you are!

                  seahors, I would advise you to get all of your card stock for the invites from your nearest papermill shop! They sell beautiful hammered card in a pick and pack box £3.99 for A5 size and £6.99 for A4. You can mix any papers and cards for that price! It is a truly fantastic price! I travel all the way to chester for mine. Their envelopes are also of great quality and very cheap! Make sure to invest in a decent creasing board with a bone creaser too!

                  and pics......I will post some up for you shortly!

                  thanks again for your lovely welcomes.


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                    Hi Stacey and Dawn

                    Welcome to the forum sounds like you have a great business going there, Used to do weddings my self but just concentrate on craft accessories now as now I am a childminder dont have as much time to make things.

                    Good luck with your project