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  • Hello from Newcastle

    Hi my name is Kate, and i am very new to the art of crafting, i have made cards on my pc for many years but after seeing some of the real handmade cards, i now know i have been cheating, so for theraputic reasons i have decided to go the whole hog and do it properly, so i will be shouting for help on a regular basis.

    Ian my other half and i went out on saturday and spent a small fortune on magazines and paper and card and glue and god knows what i was a shop assistants dream customer, all she saw was the till ringing and we visited 3 shops and on top of that there is t.v. shopping as well. so i think i need some help in being told what is a basic kit because every shop has different ideas, and price in each shop varies with a difference of about £12.00 just for the basics (what ever they are as each shop gives different one)

    hope somebody can help


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    Hi Kate,
    Welcome to the forum If you have a look at the craft articles section - there is a link near the top - and look for this months entries then I'm sure that Funkyhand has written a guide to what you will need to start. If you need more info then just shout!
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      Hello MrsLegs
      I'm from Newcastle too! Nice to see someone from my area here! I am a keen card maker as well, I know how difficult it is to get started because there are so many techniques and you can spend a small fortune buying items that you may never use!
      If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.. we're a friendly lot here and someone will be able to help you.
      Look forward to getting to know you!
      Anice x
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        Hi mrslegs,

        Welcome to the forum!

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          Hi mrslegs,
          Good to have you join us. I've also recently started card making. Good for you for plunging all in.
          I think the sign of a good starter kit is one which focusses on things you can use again and again, tools and adhesives etc and then you can just spend a little at a time on embellishments and things. I'm a little biased though as I've put together my own basics kit for my shop, but I went for 3 different adhesives, a paper cutter, edging scissors and some peel offs for £25.50. I'm not advertising everyone - I'm just saying what I think you should be paying - that's a reasonable cost for quality stuff.
          Hope you find what you are looking for,
          Try a new way every day and work becomes play!


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            Thank you so much for you warm welcome, i wish i had spoken to you all before i had started spending, up to now about £200 (i gave up counting) and told the darling one i loved him got to keep him sweet i still need loads more, and i want loads more, i'm worse than my grandsons in a toyshop. well i have to go and give the yorkie a cuddle, he has been on a diet and he has nearly reached his weight he was 4.3kgs and now he is 3.5kgs he only has 0.2kgs to go and he is he ideal weight (it has only taken a month) so if you need to loose weight come here, i must be a mean mummy.