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hi all- newbie here

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  • hi all- newbie here

    Hi all my names karen and i come from Bristol. Im 21 married with 2 kids. I just recently set up a ebay shop with my cards. I make handmade cards, keepsake cards and handmade toppers.
    I have been making cards for 2 years. I have sold them at bootsales in the summer for £3 a card so i do quite well. But seeing as its winter now i cant really do them in this weather. I cant wait to get to know you all and also show you my cards once i posted 25 messages grrrr lol

    karen xxx

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    Hi Karen,

    Welcome to the forum and good luck with your cards!

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      Welcome to the crafts forums..

      Grr.. Sorry about the 25 post rules it just keeps the quality the links and pictures on the site to a high standard.. No spam

      Can't wait to see the cards btw.. on 14 posts to go

      I have a few friend in brisol

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        Yeah i understand that ty for your reply, anyone else into making handmade cards etc?


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          Welcome to the forum - you can build up your posts quite easily by having lots to say - a bit like me! I love making handmade cards too but I have a two year old - 3 next month - and a 4 month old so time is a bit restricted at the mo!! Have lots of ideas but I just need the time to carry them out
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            hello well i got a 19 month old and a 3 month old lol.

            Believe me i do have lots to say hehe

            does anyone know what keepsake cards i thats what i make?


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              Hi Karen
              Welcome to the forum. I make handmade cards and design backing papers for a job. It's great to see someone else who is really into card making.
              Looking forward to getting to know you.
              Anice x
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