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  • Selling Photographs

    I am looking for suggestions from photographers out there who sell their work. What's the best way to sell them, mounted or mounted and framed. Ours look good both ways but we seem to have stalled with selling just the mounted ones. Obviously we don't want to lay out a load of money on frames if they aren't going to sell either. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

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    Hi - I sell some photos as a side to my cards (which also mainly use my photographs) and I sell them mounted. I find that people are more likely to pick up a mounted print at a good price, a framed print is a completely different sort of purchase - particularly as most of mine are at craft fairs etc. I can also stand the cost of mounted photographs standing around waiting to be sold, but could not run to having framed photographs on the off chance. If you are a bigger business then it would be a different matter and a mix of both would probably be good - it would show people the difference a frame can make.