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Hiya, good morrow and hola

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  • Hiya, good morrow and hola

    I just want to say Hi.
    I've been lurking for a couple of months - just reading your posts.
    I'm afraid I can't resist chipping in any longer so I've registered.

    I've been making stuff for years. What, keeps changing, hence the split personality name and multi greeting. I trained as a jeweller but am having a whale of a time making all sorts of stuff now.
    I'll tell you what later, but for now, I'd like to offer a heap of thanks to two of you for having helped me out already.


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    Hi AnnieAnna! Glad you've decided to join in and let me be the first to officially say !!!
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      Buenas dias Glad you've decided to join!


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        hola &
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          Hello and to the forum.

          Jo x
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            Hello and welcome! eres espanola?

            Helen x

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              to both personalities. Nice to see you have decided to put your two penneth in. Look forward to chatting.
              God helps them that help themselves.


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                Hello and to the forum


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                  Hiya and welcome.
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                    Hello and from me too. Glad to hear that you've decided to join in.

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                      Hello and
                      MISI -


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                        Hello AnnieAnna and from me too...........



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                          Glad you have taken the step to join the forum
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                            Hi and from me too !!

                            Sara x
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                              Waves and grins and blushes.
                              Oh guys, you all sound so lovely.

                              Basically my story goes, couldn't stop drawing and making stuff as a kid. Got pushed into jewellery as it would make money. This is where I fall off my chair laughing. To you other jewellery makers - it's a cut throat world out there, isn't it? Good job people keep loosing their earings and rings .
                              Then I did crafts in the occupational therapy department of a hospital (pottery) then in an occupational therapy centre, teaching making toys (sewing) and baskets amongst other things.
                              Then it was kids and childminding and turning into an Infant Teacher. (Lots of scope for anything and everything arty farty there.)
                              Then there was the bit where I fell apart. Then I reinvented myself.

                              I'd tried Historical Reenacting and it became a haven from real life and then I transformed into the character I had invented and that became real life. How weird and scarey was that? Basically the other reenactors couldn't get their hands on little bits and pieces and I started making them for them and like Topsy, it's grown. That's my Annie bit.

                              Then one of my sons has fallen in love with a wonderful, but impoverished, girl from Chile. We came up with a handicraft idea that should be making her a fortune but it's been really hard to get it off the ground. That's when I stumbled on the craft forum. The thankyous were for whoever suggested the Headingly Craft Fair (can't find the original thread at the moment but I will, to thank you properly). That'll be my first proper 'gig' with this new venture. And the Purple Sparkly lady. (Whey hey! It worked! I'm suddenly on Google (OK, it's page 2 but things can only get better. ) I hope the magic is working for you.) (It was a website thing.)
                              I'm madly trying to learn Spanish and my real name - Anne - sounds awkward so all my new relatives are calling me Anna.

                              It's a very nice and warm form of schizophrenia
                              Anyway, may you all live long and prosper
                              looking forward to getting to know more of you better,