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Hi from me, a newbie!

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  • Hi from me, a newbie!

    Hi all.

    I make and am trying to sell beaded jewellery and found this forum whilst looking for local craft fairs. I thought id join because it would be great to talk to fellow craft makers as no one I know makes anything.

    Does anyone know of any bead/craft shops in the south glos area, more specifically the Thornbury area??? I can't find any and am buying everything of the internet which isnt bad, it would just be really nice to go into a shop and look at stuff first.

    Does anyone know of any craft fairs locally to Thornbury, South Glos???


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    Hi there. Thought I'd say hi. Unfortunately I can't help with your question but I'm sure someone will.

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      Hi. I make jewellery also but I'm not from your area so can't help I'm afraid. There's bound to be someone on here who will know though.


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        Hello and to the forum, sorry cannot help with the shops.


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          Hello & to the forum, good luck with your search


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            Hi there
            I have a friend who makes jewellery and she buys her beads online from Japan. They are really unusual. Maybe its worth shopping online if you dont have a good local supplier?
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              hi and to the forum
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                Hello and !

                I make jewellery too - I get most of my stuff online though - I find it a lot cheaper than the shops near me and there is much more variety!


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                  Hi Kim - from me
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                    Hello and welcome. Nice to see you here. I don't do beads and things I craft with fabric. Nice part of the Copuntry you live. Look forward to talking again.
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                      Hello i'm new and i'll talk to anyone so "hello" to you all..........

                      I want share with Online Shopping Drawbacks:
                      1.You can't touch the product. You can see pictures of the product at some sites.

                      2.It's slower. It can take anywhere from 1-2 days for express or local deliveries,to 10 days for some.

                      3.cross-country UPS ground shipments. Returning a defective product is less easy.

                      4.Added expense of shipping - and the post office keeps raising the rates.

                      5.You can't SMELL the item. I just received some ebay wins... and they are P.U. I wish ebay made it mandatory to describe whether the shipper is a smoker or not.

                      all the above thougth's of online shopping drawbacks for mine.................
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                        Hi and



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                          Hello and to the forum.

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                            Hi and welcome to the forum

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