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  • Bonsai pots

    Hi i am new to this forum and new to pottery.
    I tried to sign upto pottery leasons in the evening at my local college but there wasn't enough interest so they cancelled it.
    I have made a few pots. some have turned out ok and others haven't. I am currently waiting to collect some that are being fired at a shop i pass once a week. The one i have finished a week or so ago has started to crack whilst drying out, so i am guessing it will end up in the bin lol.

    I currently use eartheware clay as i have been told it is the best for Bonsai pots and is quite frost resistant???
    One trouble i am having is the finished colour (terracotta) i do not want to glaze them but want the colour to be of a dark brown. So the question i am reallyseeking is how do i get from terracotta colour to dark brown?
    I did try (on the now cracked pot) to mix some ash in with my clay but i dont know if that is a good idea.
    I really need some leassons but as i said its not going to happen at the minute.
    Sorry to throw so much at you all in one go. Any advice would be fantastic.
    All the best
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    sorry maybe this could be moved to pottery ceramics for me .


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      Hi Stumpy and welcome along!

      I recognise your name from another forum you frequent! You helped me once with a question about my little tree! (I had a different name on there ...can't remember what now!) I'm afraid it was a short lived hobby though, I couldn't keep up with looking after it so gave it to a good home.

      Sorry I can't help with your query on here. It might be easier to re-post if you think it's in the wrong place. I'm sure you will get some help, there are lots of friendly helpful crafters here.

      Kind Regards.
      Fair Do

      Fair Do's!


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        Sorry can't help with your question but hello and welcome

        Sally Wright


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          hiya and from me as well, sorry I can't help but theres bound to be somebody who can
          Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes CAN change your life !!

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            Hi Stumpy and to the forum.. Sorry I can't help with your question too...



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              Thanks all . Hopefuly someone will come along who will be able to help, fingers crossed anyway.


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                hi & to the forum, hope you get the help you need soon