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I'm a newbie from Pet forums!! Howdie!

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  • I'm a newbie from Pet forums!! Howdie!

    Hi all, I'm a newbie with a big interest in making jewellery, painting kids canvasses, weaving, stained glass and paper crafts.

    I have come from Pets forum as i am also crazy about my two dogs, Milly and George, two Jack Russells!

    I come with a husband and two kids so i am generally very busy!
    Hope to meet you all soon! Tanja x

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    Hello and
    I have a jack russell called Susie, she is so cheeky!
    MISI -


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      Nice to see you here. We are all soppy about our pets too so not much change.
      God helps them that help themselves.


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        hello & . I have 2 setters & they keep me busy too.
        My blog



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          A warm from me and my little westie,who makes sure we don't keep still.I am sure you will love this forum oh so friendy forum.
          Take Care
          ***I can't promise you the MOON, but I can promise SPARKLE.***


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            Hi there and welcome from me too. I don't share your love of pets but I do share your interest in jewellery.

            PS - I am the step-mum to a big, old, fat, smelly Heinz 57 and I do spoil him rotten.

            Step-daughter's website selling hand dyed sock yarns

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              Hi there, to the forum, always nice to meet a fellow crafter & pet lover. I've got a 5 year old Border Terrier called Skye and she's my little darling

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                Hello Tanja and to the forum. I am owned by a golden retriever called Barney.


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                  Hi Tanja and warm from me too...



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                    Hi and from me too - houseslave to two cats and two border collies

                    A mind is like a only functions when open


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                      another terrier lover

                      Big hello to you. I've joined the forum only this week, and recieved loads of friendly and informative answers to my questions.
                      I'm just getting into wood carving, and once I've mastered that (next week) I'll be having a go at sculpting clay!!
                      But all jokes aside, I'm loving this forum and all the insight I'm gleaning from other members' posts.
                      Good luck with your crafting. All the best, Laura
                      PS I have Stella, my Patterdale terrier, and 3 of her puppies that I just cannot part with (Dad's a miniature Schnauzer.) Check my profile & album to see pups x


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                        pets and weaving

                        Weaving is GREAT fun - just be sure - if you're getting, or have gotten a floor loom, to have enough room to wield the shuttle!

                        We have a 15 year old blind and deaf Australian Shepherd, a rescued 9 year old partially blind and partially deaf cocker spaniel, a rescued Great Pyr and two of her pups we could not bear to part with and who are now 1 and 1/2 years old and over 120 lbs each!


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                          Hi and
                          im also mad about dogs i have 3, a springer spaniel (my baby) a working collie and a jack russel called bruiser - who i think has the biggest ego in england, thinks hes 10 foot tall and hes only about 14 inches at the most lol
                          * Julie *

                          If you clicked the scales to add rep points then thankyou very much

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                            Hi ya , 4 cats, 2 kids, 1 husband


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                              to the forum!