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I want to start card making

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  • I want to start card making

    I am a newbie to the forum, I sell personalised chocolate bars but I want to learn how to make cards too.

    Has anyone got any tips or know of any books that will help me.


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    to the forum

    There are loads of card makers on here, I am sure some will be along shortly to offer you advice.


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      Hello there Michelle, and from us.

      We're sure you'll find out all you need to know here - there are sooooo many clever people all willing to share their knowledge (sorry we can't help though !)

      Anyway, hope you enjoy it here.
      With love,
      Daisy & Me

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        hi Michelle and to the forum, sorry but can't help with card making..


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          Hi Michelle

          I started just over a year ago (be warned it's very addictive & expensive ) and I didn't really know where to begin.

          If you've got a good card/craft shop near you, some of them hold groups where you can learn different techniques.

          I also found create&craft shopping channel quite useful, good for ideas (and products) but they sell in bulk and it does add up very quickly.

          Other than that, look at cards in shops, websites etc and see how you can adapt them or make something similar yourself.

          To start decoupage is quite good, or buy toppers and backing paper with a few embellishments like ribbons, peel off messages. That way you can start reasonably inexpensively and then build up your craft stock, I started this way and then moved onto rubber stamping (so making your own toppers really) which I love doing.

          All the best, hope that helps a bit and if you need to know anything else please ask.

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            Hi Michelle and to the forum.

            I make cards and so do several others, what theme did you want to start off with?


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              Hello & I think Decoupage is a nice and easy way to start you off in the card making world, do you have a craft supply shop local to you?


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                Hi! I'm a newbie like yourself, and have been making cards on and off for years, but just started getting into it properly. I use die cuts, and have a die cutting machine (expensive) but started by buying die cuts cheap on ebay (I still do this) and also got ideas from Googling 'handmade cards', looking through card making magazines, and from others who make and sell cards.

                Hope this helps


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                  Hi,hello and

                  Where to start!!!!!!

                  I started card making about 5 years ago when there wasn't the greatest choice for 'crafters' around.
                  Before you jump head first into it I would suggest buying a basic kit or 2 to see if it is something that you will want to continue with. I know argos sell some card making kits and depending on where you live you could try a hobbycraft.
                  If after trying your hand at the kits you decide you want to continue then try and find some local (or in my case nearest) craft shops and buy a few backing papers,peels offs and other bits and bobs and see what techniques appeal to you the most to start with.........and then it just snowballs from there,money,space,time!!!!!!!!!

                  Good luck

                  ps.don't forget to upload some pics in your album on the forum when you start. You will be amazed by the amount of advice,tips,support and encouragement these guys give
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                    to the forum. I tend to try to stick to quilling on any cards I make, as that is where my talents lie. I think getting a kit sounds like a good place to start though!
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                      Like the others have said, try and watch the craft channel for close up techniques and demonstrations, also Dawn Bibby on QVC, and also buy a few card magazines. If you can get one of the kits it will definitely help you learn without spending too much money if it's not for you. Have a look at Joanna Sheen's website too at the Gallery, for a bit of inspiration and different card making techniques. Good luck and enjoy
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                        Hi Michell , I'm a newbie too , I started making cards about six months ago . What I found very good was you tube , there's demonsrations on there of all papercarfts as well as cards .
                        Good luck & enjoy !



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                          Hi there cardmaking is my middle name... well not quite but i am very into it!
                          I would start with a good supply of card stock- i have so much different patterned/sparkly/plain card in all different colours now from building up over the past few years- most of it because i just couldnt resist!!
                          I tend to search on the internet for ideas, but also cardmaking mags such as cardmaking and papercraft are good for ideas and to show you different techniques to try.
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                            Welcome to the wonderful world of card making! As others have already said it can be a very addictive past time..and get pretty expensive if you really get into it. I started card making a few years ago now, (luckily for me it's my full time business now too..well not card making but designing!) and when I got started I bought a simple crafting set from Do crafts which had a stamping theme with a heat gun etc included. It's a good way of trying out card making before spending too much money. Good luck with getting started and enjoy yourself!
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                              As somone else has already said - where to start......

                              You can get ideas and inspriration from all sorts of places but I've found the best place is your own imagination. I don't buy kits cos I think they're too expensive. You can download backing papers and decoupage sheets from various sites on the internet for your own personal cards but if you want to sell them, try designing your own - it's fun

                              Also craft shops can be a bit expensive so look in more unlikely places for things you can make toppers out of ie Pound shops, also Tesco have a great stationary section and have some really good reductions out of season - like now, they are reducing all their wedding stationary by upto 90% so you could buy the blank card for the table settings etc and use it as backing paper.

                              Beware! It's sooooo addictive