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    I have gone and spent a significant amout of money of various glass, lampwork beads and have made some bracelets, some Pandora style for example. Now i have not sold one, gave some away to friends but i want a stall to sell them on. I have some Ebay auctions running, theyre dead in the water. I have advertised offering bead parties on Gumtree. I plan to get some flyers made up for parties and approach local businesses to sell for me.
    Am i mad?
    HELP. Spoonson.

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    I am in the early stages of beginning to sell my jewellery. I have my first craft fair tomorrow evening in a school and I have arranged my own Christmas Craft Fair for November in Wales.

    I don't sell jewellery items on e-bay because they didn't sell very well. People go on ebay for bargains and you cannot sell your expensive piece of jewellery for next to nothing.

    I have created my own website (I haven't made any sales yet but I need to advertise it more) Someone gave me good advice when I first joined the forum.. they told me that rome wasn't built in a day, don't give up, and you must get yourself known (which takes time).

    As for jewellery partites, this is where I made the most money. I held my first jewellery party at my house and invited friends, family, work colleagues, friends of friends etc. Print flyers or have business cards that your friends can take away and give to people they know.

    This forum is a good place for advice, and have a look at the 'craft fairs in uk' section for any christmas fairs in your area.

    Good luck!


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      I think everyone who starts out in business goes through...what am I doing, I must be mad stage... I know I did!

      Good luck to you both!


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        MAD!! your compleatly barmy now get on with selling, and stop giving stock away. Theres no profit in that


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          Hold a launch party at your own home, this way it introduces people to your wares, invite shop owners, friends, family etc. Having a captive audience means you will sell as the party I did on Tuesday proves, see thread under business headings.

          Also ask for party bookings at your do and offer an incentive.


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            Youre all stars.

            Hey, i am so so grateful for the advice, its really given me a boost. I thought i was dreaming that i could do this, but you all do it already! I am going to get some flyers made up and have a party at my house to start me off.
            I love the feedback you gave, i laughed out loud at some of it, (for the right reasons!)


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              Don't give up on it, that's the most important thing! It's easy to think it'll never happen for you but if you stick at it, and make nice things, then it will do - it's just a matter of persevering!

              Oh and lots and lots of getting yourself known!

              Helen x

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