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  • Hi Everybody

    Hi Just wanted ti introduce myself. I just found this forum by chance and am delighted to find lots of like minded crafters!! I love all kinds of crafts, and have tried most things at this stage, my favourite pastimes are knitting and cross-stitch, I have a passion for shabby chic and prim/rustic crafts at the moment, I hope to make new friends and learn lots! If anyone knows where I can purchase rusty tin hearts and stars please let me know .

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    Hello & Country Rustic Crafts are my passion too!


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      Hi Sarah,
      just took a quick sneaky peek at your web site and it is lovely, are you busy? Have you had your web shop for long? I am in the process of setting up a new web site at the moment and wonder whether it will take off, I live in the west of Ireland it is a truly beautiful place and I am a self employed florist, do you make alot of things yourself? (i dont suppose you know where I can get my hands on some rusty tin hearts & Stars??


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        Hello and to the forum, can't wait to see your website.


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          Hello and to the forum.

          Jo x
          Things to make and do
          Things to make and do's Facebook page
          Michael Lovejoy's Art


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            Hello and welcome to the forum from me too.



            Bowed Over
            Handmade Dog Collar Accessories


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              Hi and . Nice to see you here.
              God helps them that help themselves.


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                Hello and to the forum. xxx

                Folksy shop


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                  Hello again moemac,

                  Thankyou for saying those lovely things, my site is very new and its really exciting for me at the moment. I would certainly say thats the path to take, I too am on the look out for more tin stars etc I will let you know as soon as I find them...
                  speak soon I hope


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                    Morning Everybody!!
                    Thanks for making me feel so welcome, I stayed up half the night reading old posts mostly with christmas ideas so I am getting into making snowman soup and such this week! It will probably be the new year before my website is up and running I do have another couple of websites that I am working on so I am kept busy trying to get them up and working properly , one of them is for my wedding flowers that I do and the other one is a wedding directory for Ireland. I have three children, aisling age 9, pronounced Ash-Ling, Aoife age 6 Pronounced eee-fa, and sean almost 2, so everything else comes after that!! Nice to hear from you again Sarah do you make your own soap it looks good enough to eat!!


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                      Hello and
                      MISI -


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                        Hello & , you sound like a very busy lady!! I hope you realise that the forum is very addictive, so, you'll have a lot less time for everything else

                        "One must have chaos in oneself in order to give birth to a dancing star."


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                          Originally posted by Poppy4lee View Post
                          Hello & , you sound like a very busy lady!! I hope you realise that the forum is very addictive, so, you'll have a lot less time for everything else
                          You are so right....I am addicted lol I love this forum its so friendly


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                            Bonjour & !

                            I'm new here today, myself, but I can already feel the family type atmosphere - mind you, you don't know my family - phew!

                            Have a great time!

                            Happy days!

                            Never underestimate the power of a minority who cherish the vision of a just and gentle world


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                              hi and