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Glassy greetings from the Marches!

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  • Glassy greetings from the Marches!

    Hi! My name is Diana Arseneau and I'm a lampworker, jewellery designer and also teach beginner bead making courses.

    I've been looking for some time to find a good forum where craftspeople hang out and am happy to have found this one!

    I live in Wales, close to the Herefordshire border. I melt my glass in my garage and also at Exemplar Glass in Leominster where I teach my classes. My friend Jane, who is Exemplar, also teaches fusing and stained glass courses.

    Glass is just wonderful stuff! I've loved it since I was a child and am always amazed at what it can do and that I'm able to do it.

    I was born in Philadelphia in the USA, but lived many years in Germany. I've been in the UK for nearly four years.

    Nice to get to meet you all!

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    Ive been interested in glass beads lately.Il be looking at your sites!!

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      Herefordshire hey...

      Used to go to school in Herefordshire, the other end worcestershire side..

      Anyway welcome to the forums

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        Thank you!

        Thanks for the welcome! Please, Seahorse, have a look at the sites and if there is anything I can help you with, answer, etc., please let me know!

        You know, I don't really know the other side of Herefordshire that well, the east of Hereford part. But I'm a pretty good tourist information source on the western side! I work a couple of days a week in a deli where a lot of tourists stop and I'm always giving them travel tips.