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Craft stash available in Leighton Buzzard - free to collector

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  • Craft stash available in Leighton Buzzard - free to collector

    I am an avid crafter and have been paper crafting for about 9 years - mainly cards but also some scrapbooking. I am lucky enough to have a project room which is stuffed full of crafting bits and pieces. However, since the birth of my daughter 10 months ago I just don't have the time to be able to craft like I used to and today I started a clear out of the room. So, the purpose of this post is to see whether there are any craft clubs (or individuals) in the Leighton Buzzard area who would like a stash of papercrafting items which include 2 paper cutters (straight edge and decorated baldes), loads and loads of paper and card, lots of stamps, punches, stickers, decoupage, embellishements, stencils, cards & envelopes etc. I am still in middle of clear-out so adding all the time. Didn't want to put into dustbin as there are hundreds of pounds worth of stuff. Thought of offering to a school but there are regulations about health and safety of stuff etc and it all has to be COSHH approved so thought a craft club or individual may be interested. Free to anyone who wants to collect from me. Let me know via this forum anyone intersted. Thanks
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    Thanks to everyone who has looked at and read my thread. There doesn't seem to be many avid papercrafters out there near to LB so I have decided to advertise the stash on Ebay and see whether this has a wider audience for a craft club or crafter. Have been having more of a clear out today - how can so much stuff have been stored in the room? Feels like I have been on a massive shopping spree the amount of things I have discovered that I never knew I had. Have been attacking knitting and stitching projects.....


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      And that's why beaders never sort out their stuff!

      Step-daughter's website selling hand dyed sock yarns

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        Sorry, would love to help, but I don't live anywhere near.
        What about finding out where your local Rainbow/Brownie/Guides group is?
        You could donate it to them, I run my own Rainbow group for girls aged 5-7 and we welcome any donation of crafty things!
        Also you could put your daughters name down while you are there, some groups have waiting lists that are years long!
        My mum goes to Overgate hospice every week and they make crafty things, do you have a local hospice?
        If not you could bag it up and give it to a charity shop.
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          I would try ebay and see if you can recoup some of your money back or try Freecycle too and that way people will come to you to pick it up. If I was anywhere nearer then I would be over like a shot even though I REALLY don't need anymore stuff!
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            I agree with Swirly!!!

            Could you pm me with a list of the stamps you are trying to loose? As I could be interested!!


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              I have just joined the Craft Forum and noticed your thread. I live in Flitwick and would love your stash (I try to fundraise for 2 local charities, Bedfordshire Wildlife Rescue and Home Counties Boxer Welfare (dogs)) if you have no luck on ebay. Any items I wouldnt use I can put on my local Freecycle as well.

              Thanks for reading and of course I can collect.