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I'm new, please be gentle :)

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  • I'm new, please be gentle :)

    Hi There
    My name is Tracey and i'm a 44 year old lady at a loose end!

    I'm nicely recovering from an awful illness and am still off work but bored!

    Although i study genealogy, i've come to a dead end with it ( no pun intended)

    Anyway, years ago i had a go at jewellery making. I used to get my beads and things posted to me from a Bead shop on Neal Street in Covent Garden.
    This was well before the likes of the internet.

    I've been wanting to re-start for a few weeks now but have no idea where to start and have just fell upon this forum so thought i may as well join

    If anyone can give me ideas of where to start it'll be a great help. I fancy going to some workshops, preferably if they were free as funds are low with been off work.

    Or any other suggestions will be greatly received.

    I fancy doing chunky necklaces, unusual hair slides and unusual ear-rings.. things made of shell might be good as i'm not too far from a beach so could practice using some of those, or even pebbles.. Just a whacky thought no doubt hehe.

    years ago i remember seeing some hair clips that had dog biscuits on them! now thats whacky and most certainly me.

    Anyway, i've rabbited on for far too long but would like to say a big HELLO to you all and i hope i make many friends on here

    Best Wishes

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    to the forum!!
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      Hello Tracey and to the forum. I hope you find the inspiration you need to make some really unusual stuff. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

      Jo x
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        Hi Tracey and welcome to the forum. I am sure you will find lots of inspiration here from the jewellery peps. I am a card maker and just wish I had the talent to make jewellery - there are such lovely things around. I am sure you will enjoy the forum and all it has to offer.


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          Hi I'm not sure about beads as I'm millinery but some one will be along soon who can help.
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            Welcome Tracey


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              Tracey, you've come to the right place for inspiration and help with jewellery making...we've got loads of talented (and lovely) jewellery makers here who I'm sure will be eager to answer any questions you might have and to bounce ideas about with.
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                hi Tracey and to the forum...



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                  Hello and

                  What do you want to know? Ask away, someone somewhere will have the answer!
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                    Hi Tracey, welcome to the forum. I'm glad your getting over your illness and getting back into your crafting, I'm sure you'll get loads of good tips and inspiration on here.



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                      H Tracy and welcome to the forum from me too - sure you will find loads and loads of inspiration on the forum.

                      Hope you get well soon.



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                        hi and a warm from Shropshire...have fun and glad you're on the mend...have fun
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                          from me too! You are in the right place. You should find all the help and advice you need on here!
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                            Hi and from sunny Derbyshire !!

                            Sara x
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                              Hello and welcome to you.Im sure Ive been to a bead shop in Neal St, I try to go to all of them in London.

                              Hmmm, there was a lady whose name I cant recall that made non identical earrings out of bits of old vinatge jewellery but along the same them so they kind of went together.I hope that made sense and may give you inspiration.


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