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  • A big hello

    Hello to everyone, I'm a pencil artist hoping this forum can help me along in the big world of art and craft. I live on the edge of the Forest of Dean, my garden is the boundary, but being quite a remote and rural area I am struggling finding suitable venues to use for displaying my art to gain commissions. I have a website which is hidden in amongst several hundred if not thousands of others offering my type of art so I want to take advantage of all your forum has to offer in way of advice and help (I will be picking brains at some point) but most of all I just want to say hello to everyone already here.


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    Hi Karie and

    Just had a peek at your site and OMG they're wonderful!

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      Hi Karie and from me too! x


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        to the forum you are very welcome.


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          Hello Karie welcome to the forum, pencil drawings are lovely, I particularly like the golden in the top left of your web.


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            Hello and
            MISI -


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              Hi and to the forum !!!



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                Hello Back

                Thanks for the welcome everyone, seems like a friendly and helpful forum already. Caroline, just for the info the golden retriever was called Tarn, a rather sad story, she fell asleep on her settee and passed away at quite a young age. This was one of my first commissions and her owner wept with joy when I completed it, I really impressed myself with the likeness I achieved (never done it again mind you) so that set me on the road to pet portraits, I'm sure all of you have such a tale. Really enjoying have a look at all your websites, I cannot believe how talented you all are, I'm a bit in awe, great stuff, got plenty more of them to look at so I'll get back to being nosey.



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                  Welcome to the forum

                  Hi Karie,
                  I took a look at your portraits, I used to have a background painting business and trained originally in Fine Art. My partner in the business was a brilliant pencil artist and he eventually ended up in Beverly Hills working as an artist and muralist for the rich and famous. I would like to comment that your work is equally as good and I wish you every success, I hope you get lots of commissions.
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                    Hi there...Looking forward to seeing your work as I can't figure out how to see it from here! I believe there's another lady on here from the Forest of Dean and she posted about a school craft fair in October in Bream...if you press today's posts I think it'll come up.
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                      Welcome Karie

                      Love your work and yes, it is a freindly forum.

                      I'm quite new and have found it extremely helpful - just by reading through the posts.

                      If you have any specific questions, you will get lots of help here.
                      Take care

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                        Hello Karie and to the forum.

                        Jo x
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                          to the Forum, good to have you with us.

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                            Hello and to the forum!
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                              More hellos!!

                              Wow, thanks everyone for welcoming me, this is great, I feel so popular already, thanks for the info about the Bream craft fayre and to the man in Beverly Hills, I want that job, how great is that!!! He must have been so talented to get a job like that. Still working my way through threads plus looking at the websites, I must say I am so impressed with you all.

                              Back to spying on your websites now then....