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  • Hello From An Organiser

    Hi Everybody,

    I just realised that I have not taken the time to introduce myself to you all even though I have been using this forum for awhile.

    I am a market officer working for the Markets & Fairs Department of Nottingham City Council.

    As part of my duties I have the pleasure of organising craft markets in the city centre and various other markets where craft traders are more than welcome.

    I was a little dubious about joining as I didnt want to seem like I was advertising and I dont make any crafts (nowhere near enough skills for that) but in my time on here I have been welcomed warmly by those I have spoken to and have had one or two of you attend from this site.

    Anyway enough of me waffling on - just wanted to say hi.

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    Hi. Always happy to hear about any craft events, its the one thing we are all looking for!!


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      HI and
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        Hi and

        You can always keep us informed of the top sellers/most unusual/best items at the craft fairs!!



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          David - I am sure something will grab your interest if you are on here long. You don't have to be clever or arty to enjoy doing what you like. Have a go. Great for relieving stress.
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            to the forum.
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              from me too! You couldn't organise some craft fairs down South could you!?!


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                Hi Dave, I know Nott market management are said to be one of the few who run markets as markets and not as another council dept. so your input on this forum im sure will be greatly appreciated.
                There are many on here who like to take "the plunge" and a bit of guidence from a pro. would be wellcome.


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                  Welcome to the forum. I am sure you will pick up what crafters are not happy with in craft markets, so it should help you too.


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                    Hi and a warm from Shropshire...think you will be great on here its the business side of crafting lots of ppl ask questions about
                    Have fun
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                      Thankyou everybody is nice to feel welcomed and I am happy to answer any questions I can.
                      Urbtaf - is nice to know that we have a good reputation, myself and my colleagues do put in a lot of time and effort to make our markets the best they can be.

                      Once again - thanks for the welcome.


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                        Dave your team is well known to market traders. Living in Barnsley we did look at your area when we were moving market a few years ago, but Bury won, mainly because taking on the M1 looked worse than the M62. as its turned out we are doing well where we are, and I must admit that Burys management do a good job, even if none of them are market people, their advertising team seem to hit the right people, and their ability to attract coaches is fantistic, 14 in one day, is the record so far this year, They also won "market of the year 2006", which they remind me off 30 times a day through the tanoy system! cant have everything


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                          Hi David and

                          As everyone else has said I'm sure you'll be a valuable member of the forum with your 'inside' knowledge and maybe you'll be able to pick up a few ideas/gripes from here to feed back to your team too.
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                            Hi and from me too !!

                            Sara x
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                              cooee and from me too........

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