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  • Newbie from Sunny Scotland

    Ok, so it's not sunny, but I can dream, can't I?

    Just wanted to drop in here and say hi to my fellow crafters.

    I am 42 and live in the Scottish Borders. I have always been into crafting of some sort, jewellery making, embroidery, painting to name a few. Earlier this year, my Mum and Dad celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary and I got it into my head that I would make a card for them. I thoroughly enjoyed myself making it, but even more so, enjoyed the feedback I received from everyone who saw it. The card was actually quite simple I suppose, but I had written a verse inside - I think that was the bit that everyone really liked.

    I then decided to take up card making with a view to selling at craft fairs. Wow, I didn't realise that card making was so popular. I suppose I should have let that fact put me off, but it didn't. I'm still getting a buzz from making them. I get orders for personalised cards with special verses inside, but I haven't tackled a craft fair yet. Still trying to build up a decent sized stock to take to a fair. I have back problems, so can't spend too long making them at one go, but I'm getting there, slowly but surely.


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    Hi from wet southern england err well not quite wet more damp...

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      Hi Liz and welcome from wet Wales! Glad that you are getting some sun there. Well done with your parents' card! I don't think you have to worry about fairs if customers are already chasing you for your personal touch!
      Good luck in your venture and hope your bad back improves enough for you to have time you want to craft!
      Best Wishes


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        Liz to the forum


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          Hi Liz

          Welcome to the forum, you will son be addicted as we are a friendly bunch and there's always loads of useufl information on here.

          I'm also in the borders!!! so hello from a fellow border,lol.

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            The Soap Fairy xx


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              from a fellow Scot and card-maker - I'm in Fife

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                Hi and to the forum!!



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                  Hello Liz and to the forum from a dreary and overcast Durham.

                  Jo x
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                    hello and to the forum
                    Jan xx



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                      Welcome to the forum Liz. Crafts will hopefully bringing sunny weather to you. At least that is what I say to myself on days like this in Glasgow!
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                        Hello back to all who have taken the time to reply. Nice to speak to you all. Seems like there are plenty of fellow Scots in here - and even one in the Borders. I'm in Peebles, Vicky.

                        I think my next crafting project will be to cut out a big yellow circle and stick it on my window and pretend it's the sun. It seems like the whole of Britain has had a dismal summer this year, not just us for a change.

                        Happy Crafting,


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                          Hi and from me too !!

                          Sara x
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                            Hi Liz and from me too from just south of the border in Cumbria.
                            by Nicki

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                              hi there welcome to the community enjoy your stay here
                              Mod deleted - not 'crafts' relevant.