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Hi everyone from garters

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  • Hi everyone from garters

    Hi guys,
    dont know if I'm on the right page or not,and don't know if any of you will be interested, but I'm giving away a free border template with sign ups to my newsletter, I'm also running a free mini scrapbooking course. If you fancy joining please click the link below.

    I have just 30 minutes ago uploaded a very small part of my new website, (it's took me months to figure out what to do, As I'm a bit of a newbie as well as a dummy with the internet).There's absolutely loads to go on my site, but with the 6 week hols (8 year old grandson to occupy) my time is limited.
    so I've just put on a few things from my new range, Don't know what anyone will think of them as no one has seen them yet, but I had this idea, so I thought that I would give it a go. Your comments would be much appreciated.
    My website is

    I'll be back later to see if any of you have had a look,and given me some truthfull comments, (and I'll get my tissues ready incase all your comments say that it's rubbish).
    Until later

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    Hi Garters

    I just had a look at your new website, it looks great. You have some very nice items and the copy and paster feature etc looks like it will be very useful for cardmakers etc. I will look forward to seeing the rest of your items whenever you get back to it. You are clever building the website I really wouldn't even attempt that so well done you.