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  • Hi, I'm Nattelie


    I'm Nattelie.

    I've dabbled in crafts for years, but taken it more seriously recently. I use it as physio too, as my arm and hand don't work properly on my left side, - I have reflex sympathetic dystrophy (a rare but v painful condition)in my left arm and both legs.

    I used to design adverts for a newspaper until I was too poorly to work, but I've recently done a load of cards to raise money for a charity for my condition. 100 cards may take most people here not very long, but being the way I am, it took about a month, all in all (which isn't bad).

    I make cards, artificial flowers, paint and scrapbook. Mostly cards though.

    I'd love to talk to other crafters, share hints & tips etc.

    Love Nattelie x
    Nattelie xx

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    Hi Nattelie and welcome to the forum I know you'll find loads of other crafters here to chat to and share those hints and tips with although it's always a bit quiet over the weekend.

    I'm glad crafting's a good form of physio for you and as long as you get there in the end who cares how long it takes

    Look forward to seeing more of your posts

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      Welcome to the forums !


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        Hello Nattelie
        great to have you on board.
        Well done for having the patience to sit for nearly a month making cards. It sounds like a real achievement.
        I'm sure you'll find us a friendly bunch!
        full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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          Even Peter..................welcome!


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            Hi Natellie

            I think what you have done sounds fab. I am newly into card making too and would love to share ideas. I have just bought myself an enveloper to make my own envelopes which is fun - highly recommended if you want to cut the costs down a little.

            Any how keep in touch.



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              Thank you everyone,

              Making your own envelopes sounds cool!

              Love Nattelie xx
              Nattelie xx