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  • My first post...Helloooo

    I was just trawling the web looking to sell my items and i found your site.

    Have to say i have never thought about joining a craft forum and my favorite past time is crafts of one sort or another, so here goes.

    I'm 40 and recovering from long term illness.

    I sat a glass fusing course in 2006 and fell immediately in love with the craft, and how the glass moves and what it brings at the end.
    ...unfortunately... I can't afford to get to involved with it, I also tried the lead glass but think a little to fiddly for me.

    I Purchased a microwave and microwave kiln and had no luck with it, i still have it here up for sale but if anyone knows something i don't about it and how i can get better results, then please let me know. As the glass came out no where near as good as the glass fusing course and was very fragile.

    When working I mostly read on an evening and cross stitched, but only small projects.

    Now I like to find things to make usable again i collect items, from free cycle the site that trays to help landfill usage and I'm just about to get some fabric to recover a Free Tub chair..


    I buy things cheap and then just touch them up for fun eg: the formed concrete Welcome signs sold in the £1 shops they look lovely when you buy all the on sale 10p tester pots external and internal at B&Q. Then a bit of varnish spray and they still look lovely out side now, I had thought the varnish would of peeled in rain and sun but its not changing at all?

    Ive been swamped with trying to finish my house over the past 2 years, which also takes up a lot of cash. Its taken my time from hobbies too, so i miss having the freedom and the space to just sit down and do them. They are so therapeutic

    My 1st Gran child is due in Sep, so i do hope hobby time will return to normal soon.

    So thats me in a nut shell really i hope its enough information.

    I recycle what i can, touch up what i can to enjoy my hobbies with very little cash flow. ( although i have just treated myself to a "lovely" nail gun to hopefully make planters to sell next summer, any help with that would be greatly appreciated)

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    to the Forum, I'm sure you will pick up loads of tips and advice here to quench your crafting desires!

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      blimey, I'm exhausted just reading all that

      to the forum

      A mind is like a only functions when open


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        hello and welcome to you, Im glad you decide to join us.

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          Thank you all, I will enjoy browsing im sure.

          Seahorse... notice your South West, im a nieghbour to the City of Bath but would love to go further down.

          Off to read some threads.


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            and croeso from Wales!
            I'm glad you joined the forum...I'm also recovering at present from an op and although have been housebound really for almost 7 weeks, I've been enjoying having time to read and enjoy crafts old and new. So , I agree its so therapeutic. When I've not felt up to anything I've been reading what everyone else on forum has been up to, craftblogs or looking at Freecycle site to see what's on offer. I love visiting Bath and was wondering if the American Quilt Place is still open? Have you thought of any gifts for new grandchild yet? I think I had better go now and try and tidy up a bit as most of mess is my craft mess


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              Hi Spirit
              I love visiting Bath and was wondering if the American Quilt Place is still open? Have you thought of any gifts for new grandchild yet?
              I will ask my Daughter in Law she is actually from Bath, and gifts for GC haven't really had a chance its been a bit crazy helping them find a place, giving them backing in so many ways. Not easy for younger ones wanting to start out.

              I would like to fuse some glass jewelry for her when shes born for a keep sake when shes older, but getting to use a Good Kiln now is a long stretch. I may do a wooden Door plague with some scorched engravings.

              Yet another hobby i would like to try, I'm not even sure how that one works, but all the fun finding out thou


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                from Scotland



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                  Hello and to the forum! I hope you enjoy your time here!
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                    Hi . Phew what a lot going on in your life! I make jewellery, I love working with wire and beads. I have recently become a freecycle convert and have so far managed to clear my garage of radiator covers, a door, and a lawn mower as well as giving away Harry Potter curtains, duvet,lamps and dressing up clothes and a few other bits. Haven't had much in return yet but collected some broken jewellery this week which included strings of pearls and crystals so busily turning those into something I like.


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                      Hi Janet

                      Originally posted by janetdc View Post
                      I love working with wire and beads.
                      Something i really want to start learning

                      I have recently become a freecycle convert and have so far managed to clear my garage
                      Isn't it a lovely feeling letting some one have what may normally of gone to the tip!
                      With freecycle i usually wait to collect and if I'm giving away if its on route i drop it in on the way lol , it helps me get rid of stuff and gets me what i need all in one go. I end up with just as much clutter but its stuff i want


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                        Welcome to the forum. We will enjoy getting to know you.


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                          A big hello and from me too !!
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                            Hello and to the forum from me too.
                            Jo x
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                              Hi thanks for the hellos.
                              I was only telling my self last week "stop sitting at the PC so much" and then i found this place.........its so addictive