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  • Hi there :0)

    Hi Craft forum

    A little about me:
    I'm 28 soon, UK, 1 baby girl (8 half months old) & 7 weeks pregnant with my 2nd (last lol), I work from home & I own with my OH a very successful parenting forum (no I'm not here to spam ...)

    Why I'm here:
    I found you through Google one of my many searches looking for some supplies & this site looks very interesting & pretty active so maybe my long searches on Google coudl end here *I say hoping lol* so I have joined.

    Thought I would say hi first but admit I am little confused *blush* so could someone point me in the right direction where I am allowed to ask where people recommend to buy (after blank card supplies - have seen some outragous prices or websites none user friend

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    MissyMe. Nice to see you here. If you scroll to bottom of this page you will see a blue bar labelled Forum Jump. It drops a window with endless choices, depending what you want to discuss. Go into your chosen forum and open a new thread for a new subject. Does all that make sense. If not someone else will be along to correct me in a short while.
    God helps them that help themselves.


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      Hi Critchley

      I have found the cards section but don't want to ask where to buy if I shouldn't - originally I seen sponsor links to suppliers but have had a better nose round & I believe I may be safe to ask lol

      Thanks for the welcome


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        Hi there and welcome to the forum. You will find everyone helpful and very willing to share information.