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Help please, I don't know who else to ask

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  • Help please, I don't know who else to ask

    Hi, we have recently purchased a four poster super kingsize bed, 4 drawer chest and two bed side cabinets.
    I did my home work and decided on the handmade beds said to be made in Swietenia Mahogany. Since taking delivery we have had lots of problems. When the furnature arrived it was covered in a 'bloom', which we washed off with a mild vinegar solution. The fusty smell remained for about 3 weeks. The bed slats were very badly warped and did not sit in the base correctly. There were a few cracks that appeared. The drawer bottoms bowed so they pinged out of the drawer front. The bed was supposed to be 6ft wide, but was only 5ft 11, so our superkingsize mattress does not fit!!
    We contacted the manufacturer who had no end of excuses, saying that the slats have warped because of the size (so do we have to accept that!) the cracks were not detrimental to the furniture (i think they are) and so his excusess continued..... He replaced the bed with another, which also measures only 5ft 11, so we are now awaiting yet another replacement. I won't bore you any more I just need some advice. Should the slats be so terribly warped?? I am suspicious, from the conversation I now know that the furniture is manufactured in Indonesia, so why would they get wood from Brazil. Have we bought substandard problematic furnature> should we fight for a full refund? Thanks for your patience

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    If I was you I would contact the office of fair trading,take pictures of the bed to back up your case,write down as much as you can remember about the conversations that have taken place between yourselves and your seller.
    Inform the seller that due problems still not being resolved you are contacting the OFT
    There are guidlines in place for these type of cases and they are the best people to help.
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      I agree with Beckyboo. Keep a log of dates and conversations. Put as much information in it as you can. Citizens Advice may b able to help too.
      You have paid out good money the product should be perfect - not a mark on it, no cracks, no shrinkage or warping.
      You could also write to them and officially notify them of the steps you are taking. Register the letter, that always puts the wind up them.
      Whatever you do, do not sit back and accept shoddy workmanship or goods. You are entitled to value for money and you will get it if you stick to your guns/.
      Preaching over - good luck.
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        Hello Lisselle and welcome to our craft forum.

        Just wondered what made you choose this forum to ask about a problem regarding a bed you've recently bought.

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