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Hello sorry it's been a while

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  • Hello sorry it's been a while

    Hi everyone

    Just wanted to pop by & say hello & sorry for not being around for a while.

    I have through friends joined so many forums that i haven't until now had time to go through them all - my own fault - but thought no today i will and realised it has been a good 2 months now since i was here.

    Hope everyone is ok and i promise to keep looking by if poss on a daily if not weekly basis.

    Catch you all later

    Christine x

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    Welcome back!! Sounds like you'll be busy with all those forums!
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    'I am sure it must hurt your eyes to work filigree by candlelight.' - Jane Austen


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      Well i can't believe i posted the above message over a week ago & guess what today is the first time i have come back - where has those days gone?

      Ok so i have been on sick leave and went back to work on Wednesday & i was more shattered working than i was being ill - why does it take it out of you so much & you have no energy - mind you not having any help at all doesn't help does it?

      Oh well roll on (not that i am wishing my life away) to the bank holiday as i have a week off then so i can relax again -perhaps in a way a good thing i am on hol again - but just hope i am not ill afterwards again.

      Mind you since being off sick i have realised how much i am taken for granted so ............yep looking for another job, less stress & more pay.

      Chat again soon been out craft shopping today & now rather tired but thought i had to pop by & say hi again.

      Bye for now



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        Hope you are back to full fitness soon.