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Any gothic crafters out there?

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  • Any gothic crafters out there?

    Hi I'm a 30 year old mum of 3 who enjoys knitting, card making, cross stitch, candle making, pyrography and Jewelery making. I take my jewlery to the ocasional craft fair and as of yet I've not met any other goth crafters! I'm begining to worry I am the only one lol

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    I am not a gothic but nice to see you anyway.
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      I wouldn't class myself as a goth, but I definately create more alternative crafty things. Have you seen Gothic Tiaras?

      Type 'Gothic Tiaras' into google and you will find them. I'm still quite new on here so I am not allowed to post hyperlinks yet, sorry.

      I first some them at a tattoo convention in Derby. There is some interesting items on there.

      I also love anything fairy. I run an alternative photography company and recently I photographed a fairy festival. It was amazing.

      Good to hear from someone else into things a little bit different like I am.

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        I have very strong Gothic tendancies. Just that I don't have the guts to carry them out unless it's for special occasions.
        My favourite restaurant is My hubby had his 40th birthday party there it was great.

        I have just bought a large stuffed Hippo toy any one know why????

        I do tend to favour the darker colours especialy purple when crafting.
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          I know why you bought the hippo goldy, after all I have met you


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            Pray tell me oh wise one.

            I know I wanted one but I can't remember why. I have a feeling it got something to do with Goths.
            "You've Got to Keep Your Mind Wide Open" - AnnaSophia Robb
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              I wouldn`t classify myself as a goth but I absolutely love the style in fashion and music and I was at the fantastic castle party back in Poland... and my husband promised to by me fantastic boots for winter time (can`t wait)... and I am 31 and mum of 3 as well... welcome to the forum...
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                hey hey, im not goth..and it's not really a current theme in my jewellery but occasionally i make things that are so extremely gothic i don't know where they came from have had a few commissions too for gothic cuffs and necklaces. it's good fun to work in lots of different ways!


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                  Hiya, I'm not a goth either but have been known to do the odd project...




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                    Cos you have spent too much time talking to net! when she buys something that has no obvious purpose, and I ask (rather stupidly) "what have you bought that for"? she will answer, because it was for sale. then look at me as if I am compleatly mad
                    and to answer the thread question I dont know what I am, Im just me unique. though my 23 year old son is starting to act very much like me. which totaly freaks him out
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                      Hi and to the forum, I'm not a Goth but I do love to try new things, so I'm looking foreward to seeing some of your work and being inspired.
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                        As a reformed Goth type from my Uni days, I still enjoy working in that way from time to time... to the forum! I like creating designs with a Gothic, Celtic or medieval feel.

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                          Hello & , I'm not a Goth either but I've been looking into the Gothic revival, in Victorian times, as we are just about to 'do up' our Victorian house. I absolutely love some of the architectural features and internal decor associated with that period.

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                            hello and welcome... I'm probably more geek than goth... but I do have my little gothic tendancies from time to time... I was jsut never with it enough to go the whole 9 yards dress wise though the majority of my clothing style in high school and college ran heavily to black, and my movie and book choices still run gothic, and vampire/ horror heavy.

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                              I have quite bit of black in my wardrobe, Ive read Dracula, Jekyl and Hyde and Frankenstein and have sold a necklace I made named Stoker.
                              Im not a Goth but I have a dark side.


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