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  • Just joined....Hello from Antje

    Hello Everyone, glad I have joined this forum, seems like there are many interesting people and loads of different crafts on here. I make silver jewellery and am now looking for a course on lost wax casting to try and make more than just one piece of certain designs. I will still make one-offs the traditional way but am quite excited as to what I can achieve with the casting technique. Does anyone here know about classes run around High Wycombe (Buckinghamshire) or Berkshire? And is there anyone here who already does lost wax casting in silver? I would love to hear from you...not really sure where to start. There is always the option of sending wax designs to a caster...
    I also want to try and work in different media, like leather, glass, combination with silver - the sky is the limit really! I have a website but am only allowed to post my URL after having made 25 posts on patience!

    Well, nice to be here - looking forward to having loads of contact with all you creative people!!

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    Antje, you will not be short of company here. I don't do jewelry but there are a lot who do. Hang in there you will soon meet them
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      to the forum. I'm not a jewellery maker either I'm afraid but there are plenty on the forum so I'm sure they'll all come out of the woodwork in a wee while to say hello!
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        Hello and welcome.
        Id love to know what lost wax casting is!

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          Hi Antje andI'm sure you will love it on here, it's like a little treasure chest of advice, suggestions and quite often pinkness!!
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            Welcome Antje - sure you will love the forum. Enjoy.


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              to the Forum... I can't help with your request either but I'm sure someone will be able to!

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                hello and welcome to the forum
                Jan xx



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                  from me too...



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                    Hello & - my sister used to live in High Wycombe

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                      Hi and from me too !!
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                        Hi antje and welcome.

                        It has been a long time since I did any lost wax casting but here is a rough outline of the process as I used to do it for small bronze pieces.

                        Make a wax model of your piece and add wax extras to make a pouring funnel and a venting channel.

                        Make/find a container large enough to enclose your model and give enough space around to provide a strong wall to your plaster mould. Place your model with its added wax extras in the container with the top of the wax filling funnel at the bottom of the container.

                        Mix up investment plaster (not ordinary plaster of paris) according to instructions supplied with the investment powder (usually 2 parts powder to 1 part water) and pour carefully around your model. Allow to set.

                        Steam the wax out of the investment by inverting investment container and placing it on a metal rack over boiling water in a covered container for about 30 minutes. When the water cools, you can remove the solidified wax from the water for reuse.

                        Heat the mould slowly to drive off any moisture.

                        You will now have a mould for your metal casting complete with a pouring funnel and venting channel.

                        This does not produce a re-usable mould as you have to break the mould to release your finished casting.

                        Use the finished metal casting to produce a latex mold from which other wax model replicas can be produced.

                        If you send me a private message I'll give you the address of a website which goes into more detail (I can't publish here because of the 25 posting rule)

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                          Hello & from me too


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                            hello and from me too
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                              Hello Antje and welcome to the forum. I am a jewelry maker too good luck !
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