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Hi, silver clay advice needed - Pleease!

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  • Hi, silver clay advice needed - Pleease!

    I am hooked on silver clay - I love it! I want to experiment with organic matter - leaves etc. I know you can coat them in silver clay and when fired the leaf burns away leaving you silver copy. I was wondering if anyone has tried this with things other than twigs and leaves? My kids have been collecting pinecones and I am wondering if it would work with something as big and intricate as a pinecone? My husabnd thinks it would be too fragile. Has anyone tried this? I don't have use of a kiln only a torch, but the pinecones are not very big.


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    Hello & - I am sure someone will be able to help with this question (if you dont get much luck here try posting it in another area such as the 'Can you Help' section)
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      Unfortunately a pinecone is likely to result in explosion...
      If you coated it then tried to torch fire it the heat difference
      + possible seeds / moisture would cause a vent to form
      (i.e your piece would burst)...

      I once did one of those ash keys but (before I coated it) I carefully
      cut the "pod" end in half and removed the seed. It made a great
      angel wing

      Have you invested in some of the moist cork yet?
      That's great fun...make a shape, let it dry for a few days
      then coat it in the paste (leaving a venting section)
      The cork burns away leaving you with a beautiful hollow

      Nic x
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