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    hi im new to the world of scrapbooking and i am needing help to get ideas on a tight budget thanks x

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    Hello & Pammy
    I'm not a paper crafter, but i'm sure you will find lots of help/tips on here - Fabric buttons, button supplies and handmade accessories


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      I'm not yet involved with scrapbooking, but I am an avid recycler. I have been building up a stock of bits n pieces I've taken from old birthday cards etc. and magazines. Have cut letters creatures etc from Easter egg packaging. Also I've used e.g flower hole punches and cut things from old gift wrap such as lots of various themes babies children animals etc. I don't believe in making craft a very expensive pastime as I am interested in so many things I'd need a fortune to try everything. No doubt many keen scrapbookers might disagree with me regarding acid-free items etc, but how long are you expecting your scrapbook to last for? Hope this helps in some way!
      Best Wishes,


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        Hello and welcome to the forum. I am sure you will find lot of inspirations here
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          im a scrapbooker and also on a tight budget at the moment studio are doing scrapbooks for 2.99 cream with 12 plastic inserts they havei extender bars on them so you can add more pages. they sell some reasonable paper kits as well.pound shop sell some scrapbooking stuff, i use a lot of my card making stuff for scrapping i would recomend a good photo glue and check its acid and lignium free or its destroys your can even download free background paper and cut four pieces 6 x 6 and patchwork them onto the white 12 x 12 paper that comes with the scrapbooks.i belong to a scrapping forum aswell as this one and they have lots of ideas you can use.i have some photos of layouts ive done on my blog if you want to take a the way hello and welcome to the forum this is a very friendly place to get lots of tips and ideas and answers to your questions. if you get stuck pm me and i will see if i can help you in anyway but im not an expert.
          Jan xx


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            and hello from me too!!

            Spend what your budget is and look around for bargains that you would not necessarily class as 'crafting'. The Range is good too.

            Try not to get everything at once but to build up slowly and see what you like first. There are a lot of sites with free backing papers but some of the quality is not too good.

            Although I'm a part of the Funky Hand design team, I already had most of the CD's Funky Hand had produced plus the backing papers and they are fab!! You get a lot for £15!! This is a good way to build up backing papers plus you can print them onto anything that will fit into your printer! Or she has downloads too for around £3.50. If it helps, go onto my blog and look at all the stuff I have tagged with Funky Hand to see what you can make!!

            Can you tell I like Funky Hand??!!!


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              I noticed that my local pound shop has scrapbooks and lots of bits and pieces for making cards etc.



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                Hi and welcome to the forum from another newbie.


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                  Hello & from me too

                  ...seems like you are getting lots of help already (its great here )


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                    help me

                    My limited scrapbook expereience is to spend hours cutting up Xmas and birthday cards for elderly ladies and gentlemen to stick into scrap books. I do try to keep them to a theme but as for a professional job - whoooo - I'd love to see one.
                    Any way I started off to say 'Good Luck' with this venture. You will get lots of constructive help here.
                    God helps them that help themselves.


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                      Hi and welcome to the forum

                      On-line bead supplier and bead lover


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                        Can't help you with the scrapbooking but just wanted to say

                        and welcome to the forum.

                        Step-daughter's website selling hand dyed sock yarns

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