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  • Hi - I'm new!

    Hello there!

    This is my first posting. Hoorah there's a forum for craft crazy peole like me with huge heaps of sparkly stuff stuffed into cupboards. Is it me or is it sometimes more enjoyable to buy the stuff and sort it into your different storage boxes than it is to actually use it? No, seriously I KNOW I will use it eventually I'm just waiting for that flash of inspiration.

    Would love to hear what everyone is into at the moment. For me it's semi-precious stones, mother of pearl and iridescence along with really practical crafts that are actually useful! I still like card making but I've never got into scrapbooking and I can't see the point of ATC's. Anyone else of the same mind? Or am I a lone crafte?

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    Hi and Welcome.
    I love card making mainly but have just started making bits of jewellery. I recently made a fab necklace with beads made from friendly plastic.
    I have tons of stuff tucked away but I do love buying crafty things.
    Whispers....What are ATC's??


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      Glad you asked that 'cos I was going too aswell
      Visit my Etsy store
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        ATC's? Well it's what all the craft magazines are going crazy about. What you do is you get an ordinary playing card, decorate it however you like and then you swap it with someone else who's made one. I just don't see the point - I mean what do you do with it after that? I'm sure you can have fun decorating it but the ones I've seen have all been very arty - old vintage photographs superimposed onto butterfly wings etc - a lot like the Monty Python cartoons done by Terry Gillam, very surreal and weird.

        Anyway, thankyou for replying, Ive never been in a forum before - let alone a crafts one - and so I wasn't quite sure what to do. I like the sound of beads made from friendly plastic as I have quite a few strips of it but not really been sure what to do with it. Do you sort of heat it up and mould it around a cocktail stick or something?


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          Thanks for the explanation. Yes friendly plastic can be moulded around a stick (or similar) to make beads or flat embellishments. The colours are what make them so good though, the metallic colours blend when melted and you can get some wonderful effects.
          Everyone thought the necklace I made was made with dichroic beads (the really expensive ones).