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  • Japanese bits and pieces.

    Hello all.

    Our first time on this site.
    I wanted to introduce ourselves and also get some feedback on our website.
    My wife is Japanese and makes Japanese shodo pictures, gift cards and, with her friend, antique kimono fabric bags and pouches. I carry the boxes on weekends.

    At her stall she also sells Japanese books, printed Japanese art cards, handmade kokeshi dolls, chirimen crepe fabric bags, corsages and other bits and pieces. Both her own handmade items and those she gets from Japan are very nice.

    Due to limitations in the number of items allowed on our website I have been unable to list all items and as the individual handmade bags and cards are sold only on her stall.
    Anyway, please take a look and tell me what you think. We welcome all feedback.

    MOD EDIT - Please Read Forum Rules


    Nick and Satoko.
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    hello and welcome
    Jan xx


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      Thanks Jan

      I wanted people to rate our new site but the address have been taken out. I see that many people have it in the tag or signature place but it doesnt allow me to add that either as it has a 25 characters limit.

      So how do I get feedback apart from paying the site £20 which is not an option because we are very very small scale?


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        You will not be able to get feedback on your site until you have reached 25 posts - the point of the forum is to be a community to exchange advice and help not to advertise your business. Get involved, help and advise other forum members and it wont be long before you reach 25 posts!


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          I see. I will try it later once I have 25 posts.


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            from me too and looking forward to seeing your work eventually, this is very helpful forum and a great place to exchange ideas.



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              to the forum!
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