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  • another newbie in Birmingham

    ello, thought I'd introduce myself as it would be rude not to eh
    i was a keen crafter for a long time dabbling in all sorts form sewing to jewellery making. Ive recently decided that i want to learn how to wire wrap, oh boy is that harder than it looks!
    So found you lovely lot and hopefully will be able to pick up some hints and tips for all kinda crafting.

    Bonnie x

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    Welcome bonnie,

    I'm glad you found the forum, I am also pretty new and although the forum is quite quiet, those that are active are really lovely people.
    I would love to help with tips but unfortunately I have no clue what wire wrap is!
    I look forward to seeing you around Clare x


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      Hello Bonnie and welcome to the forum


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        Hello Bonnie, welcome to the forum.

        I used to work with someone who did wire wrapped jewellery - and beautiful it was too. Unfortunately, after many years she has had to stop because of pain/arthritis in her hands. But yes, like all all crafts - almost anyone can do it, but it's far harder to do it well than most people think it is. (I don't do any crafts like that, so unfortunately I can't offer any advice or help).