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  • Hello everyone + Question

    Hello and nice to meet you all, I'm very new to pottery and the last time I made something out of clay was years ago at school, so forgive me for the silly questions.

    So firstly I'll start of with project that I want to make.

    The projects that I want to do is being halted due to the fact that I don't have a kiln and an oven that only reaches to 240 degrees, I want to make a few Clay Incense burners similar to this one here:

    The clay resin incense burner would only be the size of a cup and around half an inch, around. I'm not sure if the weight, width of the project matters and I was also thinking about warping the project around with aluminum foil which I believe would increase heat, making it more rock solid

    That's the first option I may be able to do. The second option, I can take two BBQ aluminum foil trays, almost like sawdust firing and pottery clay's hardening point is 1,000°C, right? And charcoal heats up to 1,200 to 1,550 °C (2,190 to 2,820 °F) which I'm thinking would cause the project to crack, clay always cracks but I think using charcoal would completely ruin the project, but it's something I can use.

    It sounds pretty good but I live in a flat so I'm uncomfortable with doing that, I could get a Kiln but they cost too much. I'm at a lost and not sure if I should pursue this dream/career

    I was originally going to use polymer clay but it isn't waterproof nor heatproof.

    I don't know what to do gents, boys, ladies and girls. Any suggestions?

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    I am not able to drop any suggestion for you as I have no good ideas on you question. But as new member here like you, I would like to welcome you here in the knowledgeable crafts world surely.


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      The best vote would be to see if a college local to you or pottery Worksop that would fire for you, when I had a kiln always used to fire for others at a cost price but it helped them and me.


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        Thank you both