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    Hello everyone
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    Hi everyone
    i am very new to decoupage and have been making a few little gifts for friends with napkins. They have turned out ok, but I am very confused about products for sealing and varnishing. A lot of products or videos show American products, so I would really like some help and advice on best products to use.

    My current queries are that I made some wooden coasters for a friend using napkins and mod podge and applied a spray lacquer/varnish to finish them. She was delighted with them, however told me last night that when hot drinks are placed on them, the coasters feel tacky/sticky and the coaster sometimes lifts up with the cup😞 Is there a generic gloss varnish that could be recommended for this and other indoor projects please?
    Thank you
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      Hello and welcome to the Forum. Sorry I can't help with your query (I'm needlework and home made preserves mainly) but someone else may be able to help. Please be patient, we are not the most active of forums, but we are the best



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        Hi, welcome to the forum. I’m a paper cutting artist but did decoupage, albeit the 3d kind about 12-13 years ago. You can use modge podge to stick down and seal but I think that if you are applying heat then you might need a heat resistant varnish on top. I know a decoupager, I've asked the question. I have just had a look around at a few decoupage sites, quite a few have had the same problem, even a layer of epoxy resin apparently can still leave heat rings.

        Report back.... Ronseal do various ones ( called Diamond Hard) stated as heatproof, however you need to put a good few coats on and leave it to dry for a hell of a while, even then there is no guarantee of it not marking etc as “Heat proof” is more than likely ok in a very warm area but not with a red hot cup on top of it. This is why my friend won’t do them, problematic.
        I would say that whatever you use, if its DIY varnish instead of craft varnish there is a risk of it “yellowing” the paper.

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