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Why did you start Scrapbooking?

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  • Why did you start Scrapbooking?

    As a workaholic I suddenly found myself with 3 months off work in 2004 after an operation. So I asked my Dad to find out his earliest photograph of him and mum together and tell me again how they met, but this time I asked him more about it and asked questions so that he would give me more details.
    His face lit up as he relayed his memories and I started to make notes. I went home and wrote up his words, printed it out and set it on a page with the photos. My first page done! This developed over the following 2 years into his life story.
    In the meantime my mum wanted to join in, mum was able to use a computer so I set her off typing up her own memories and matching them with photos.
    My Mum and Dad's scrapbooks are priceless and the main cost was just "time". I treasure the time I spent recalling memories with them, had I not done this, then years later when they were no longer here to ask, I would have looked through boxes of photos not sure where or what they were about.
    I am trying to encourage my friends and family to think about starting a project in case we go into lock down. I think something positive can come out of a negative situation.

    Anj x

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    Lovely work Anj, great way to tie it all together with a timeline instead of going through boxes of photos etc and trying to guess where, when etc.