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  • Candle wick help

    Hi everyone,

    I hope this is an ok question to ask and I really hope someone can help because it’s driving me crazy! I’m pretty new to candle making and I have had no problems (so far) with wax melts, BUT my container candles are another matter. I have 30cl jars and 100 cl jars. I’ve had some success with wicks for the 30cl (but not all) but so far have had no luck at all with my large jars. I am using Sasol container wax 6213 and have tried various sizes of LX, V, VRL and ECO wicks with no success. Can anyone give any advice before I completely lose the plot?


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    Hello and welcome.

    I don't know how much you know about it - probably much more than me but I do know you need the correct wick for the diameter of your candle and your type of wax.

    This page has lots of helpful information, I hope it helps.



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      Hi Shelley,

      Thanks for your reply. I’ve done so much research and read just about every article I can find on wicks, I’ve tried the ones that have been recommended but still no luck. I was just hopeful that someone may have had the same experience (not that I’d wish the frustration of it on anyone) and had found a solution. I’ve done so much testing but at the moment it just feels like it’s all to no avail.

      Thanks again for your reply though, I appreciate you taking the time.



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        Hi Tina, drop Kev or Peta Partner a line at makingyourowncandles dot co dot uk, they can advise and will supply what you need. Kev is a member on here but not posted for ages,