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New - Looking to start a bespoke card / wedding invite business

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  • New - Looking to start a bespoke card / wedding invite business


    Been lurking for a while, but now time to say hello, so Hello !

    I've helped people with card design / wording etc for a while now but want to create and sell my own cards, invites, wedding stationery etc.

    I know a bit about design, but I'm stuck on the best printer for card stock and also, a machine to be able to create the outer wrapper for wedding invites that looks as though its a detailed laser cut shape.

    Any / all help very welcome.


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    Printers are a mindf ield you may be better goign to say PC world and asking questions and getting them to test fabric weight for you. I use an HP Envy 7640 but struggles on thicker card. also have a mono HP small laser that is a bit better.

    Re the wrap you can either buy a die cutting machine and dies but if you want to design your own best to get a Cricut that connects to a computer.

    Are you going to foil? Tonertex foils are excellent but you do need a monint the wording onto card, then put through the printer again with the foil sheet attached. Peel off and messages foiled. Cheaper than a hot foil machine but all depends how much you want to spend to get started.


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      Hello Paul and welcome to the Forum. If you've been here a while you've probably gathered that we are not the busiest forum around, but we do have a core of regular posters who are crafters of the highest standard and knowledge.

      Sorry I can't help answer your questions but be patient as we have a couple of regular posters who are knowledgeable about the subject of card and printers and I'm sure they'll be happy to pass on any advice they can.

      You might also like to check out our very informal daily "coffee morning" thread in the non-crafts related section. Up to half a dozen of us post here most days (it's not compulsory ), and it's not restricted to any particular subject so despite the heading craft queries can be included.

      Good luck with your venture


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        Hi Paul.....printer manufacturers are a mare because they rarely put down anywhere what weight of card the printer is designed to take.
        I have two, an old Canon Pixma which is an office 4 in 1 type that happily pulls through and prints on 330gsm business cardstock, now whether it should or not, don’t know because it isn’t mentioned anywhere but Pixmas are notorious for allowing thick card through...its a top feed, usually rear feeds would be best for card as it doesn’t bend as it goes through....I also have an Epson Workforce WF7710 A3 printer and scanner office printer..2 years old..that one I can set for thicker thick I don’t know as I only use 130 gsm max which is paper.
        Both print extremely well as does the HP envy, an artist friend of mine produces and sells her own prints from one.
        Cutting the wrap, as Caroline says, you can buy a Cricut that cuts your own designs, also a “ Scan and cut” by “ Brother” I think does pretty much the same thing.