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Hi Im Jan, Introducing Myself!

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  • Hi Im Jan, Introducing Myself!

    Hi guys, My names Jan, Im new to this forum, having just found it this afternoon. I run my ickle jewellery site, powered by Mr Site, Im from Staffordshire UK & would love any help tips you can offer on selling, creativity, whats good, whats not, how to do things & general sensible advice. So welcome me with open arms & cradle me to your bosom perleez!
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    Hi Jan
    Quite new myself... so good you joined!



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      hi and welcome to the forum my name is jan and im into alsorts of crafts but mainly a card maker
      Jan xx


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        Hi and welcome. Tips on selling...............? Do you make the jewellery on your site? If you do, what's your hourly rate? How many necklaces at £6.49 do you sell a month to give you enough to live on? Do you see where I'm going with this? I've seen higher priced jewellery on market stalls!


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          Hi . I agree with Peter, how on earth can you be selling so cheaply? Is this handcrafted jewellery or are you buying in? Enjoy the forum


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            Hi and to the forum. I don't make jewellery but just thought I would say hi !.
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              Wow Im shocked Now!

              Wow im shocked at some of your responses! But pleased maybe also. I have recently dropped my prices significantly to 'attract' lets call it, customers. It was a hard decision but starting out I feel we have to try things on a trial & error basis to find our feet. My ebay sales were kinda telling me that my items were basically fine at low auction prices but nothing else! Constructive advice I always welcome..I think...
              *Goes away scratching head wondering what to do now*
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                Hi Jan

                Im a newby myself hope you enjoy the site



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                  And from me too.

                  Cheers Janice


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                    <- not a jewellery maker but

                    A mind is like a only functions when open


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                      Hello and welcome to you.
                      Watch out for Beadsage, he's a feisty one but his advice is so you can move your business onwards and upwards.

                      I see that dropping prices would be a way of enticing customers so thats something i should do myself as sales are sooo looow, but Im a greedy so and so, so my prices are staying as they are.

                      I hope you stick around and let us know how you get on.


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                        hello & . I looked at your site & liked the earrings but couldn't get the picture to enlarge although the necklaces did. I'm with the others it's all underpriced & I'm tempted with those earrings. Good luck with it.
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                          Hi Jan and welcome. I am a card maker and can't advise on your jewellery prices, but from what I have seen said here before ebay prices are not a good guide, everyone wants a bargain. Do not undersell yourself. You need to find the right market to pay the right price. Good luck.


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                            Hi Jan & to the forum.

                            "One must have chaos in oneself in order to give birth to a dancing star."


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                              Thanks for all your advice. Its been mentioned that if 'you' price stock too low it often puts people off as they question the quality. Any feedback on this welcome guys. I slashed my prices by over half 2 weeks ago, so it seems crazy to put them back up when trade is so low!! I think I need a total overhaul site wise too, as Im nowhere near as proud as I should be of mine as it is. Id like a classier feel over all. I initially wanted it black based but was advised against??? I am fond of strong bold themes. Ive become disheartened i guess, & its a shame. Feedback is welcome however harsh if it makes me move my ass in the right direction! Its hard to be objectional when its your own, & advice is what I am here for. (Try not be too cruel tho hahaa) So I will keep checking back for your comments, thanking yous!!!!
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