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  • Hello and help please

    Good morning to you all - I am new to this site and do enjoy the many crafts.

    I have joined to see all the help and share what I have done.

    On this occasion I am asking for your help if you can.

    Tattered Lace - 3d Thistle die.

    I am so unhappy - I have tried to get this die the first time it came out and again this time it came out and NO one has it. I wrote to tattered lace who states yes you can buy the large deal and it is in that. I am on a pension and cannot spend that kind of money.

    So, I am asking if anyone does not what theirs to sell it to me.
    Thank you for reading this and hope I am lucky.

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    Welcome to the forum a Linda. Sorry cannot help with the die, have checked my suppliers and no OS as well. I hate when you have to buy bundles of things as so expensive. You could try on one of the crafting groups on FB. I found a Cd rom this way.


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      Hi Caroline

      I appreciate that you did a check for me. And Yes, when are they going to see that we cannot all buy the bundles prices.

      Many thanks for your advice.
      Have a good day