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Hello everybody, another newbie here!

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  • Hello everybody, another newbie here!

    Hi to all

    I've just stumbled across this forum and I'd love to join! I've been crafting seriously for about 7 years now, although I can't actually remember a time in my 54-odd (very odd as you'll no doubt realise once you get to know me....) years when I didn't have some creative idea bursting to get out of my head or my hands!

    Anyway 7 years ago I started painting, then developed that into cardmaking, stamping, scrapbooking and altered art. I enjoyed myself with papercrafts until about a year ago, when I rediscovered my first love, sewing, and I got busy making handbags, purses and rag dolls. At the moment I'm making jewellery, especially with wire, beads and hand-made felt. I've just ordered an embellisher machine so I can take that further! As you can see I have rather a butterfly mind, which is why this forum looked so interesting to me as it seems at first glance to cover lots of different crafts.

    I'll shut up now for 5 minutes in the hope that some of you will welcome me aboard!


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    hello and i too have done all arts and crafts at the moment cardmaking and scrapbooking trying a bit of beading i do crosstitch but thats as far as my sewing goes i got chucked out of needlework at school for not bringing work in to do hated it very impressed by people that can make things and love some of the things made by the sewing people on here
    Jan xx


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      from me too. What a beautiful part of the country you come from.

      Cheers Janice


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        Hi and welcome,

        Sounds like you have lots of experience to share! You are in the right place.

        Fair Do

        Fair Do's!


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          Hello and welcome!

          I've tried out various crafts as well before concentrating on the ones I'm actually quite good at! You'll find this forum a source of inspiration


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            from me too, I'm a dollmaker but I like to think that incorporates all sorts of crafts. Hope you enjoy it here....



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              Hello and a big welcome from me too.

              You share the same name as my aunt!




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                . You sound like a very busy person!!!. You'll have a great time on here. x
                by Nicki

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                  Hi Lorry ,

                  I’m not crafty, I just take photographs for people like Harrods, Harvey Nik’s, Lloyd’s, Lola Rose, Dower & Hall, John Lewis, ect, ect.
                  I give my knowledge, for what it is worth, freely. I try to improve the images that my fellow crafters have taken by encouraging them to learn a bit about photography and the camera they are using.
                  Please feel free to ask a question whenever you have a problem. Oh and by the way, welcome.

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                    Hello and to the forum from me too! I'm a card maker, paper designer, and you are right there is something for everyone here so you will fit in great! Enjoy your time here.
                    Anice xx
                    Funkyhand x
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                      Hello and welcome to the forum from me too. You certainly are a busy person you will find plenty of info here.



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                        Hi there & from me.
                        My blog



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                          Thanks everybody for your warm welcome.

                          Ian, I moved here 4 years ago from Hitchin, so I know your home turf very well!

                          Janice, you're right in saying Skye is a beautiful part of the country. I run a small B&B here as well as my crafting, and our guests often tell us how lucky we are to live here, and they are absolutely right. When I reach the magic "25 posts" you'll maybe see how the scenery has a big influence on my crafting style.



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                            ive been to the isle of skye in my caravanning days and it is very beautiful you are very lucky cant wait to see your pictures
                            Jan xx



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                              I know Skye, it’s not like Stevenage!

                              The last time I was there I hade to use the ferry for the 200yd dash , they were building the bridge at the time and then made a complete mess of the whole thing by an excessive charge. Admittedly most of the people I saw on my crossing were Americans, all warring their cardboard labels just in case they were separated: or at least that’s what I assumed?
                              Lovely part of the world, I will get back there one day.


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