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  • Addicted to Scrapping

    Hi everyone
    I am a scrapbooker and am setting up my own business scrapbooking for others.
    I have found that lots of people like the idea of scrapbooking but can't be botehred. So I will do it for them. I hope I've uncovered a new niche in the market as I can't find anyone on the internet who does it (unless I'm not looking properly). My website should be up and running next weekend!

    Are there any other "scrapping for others" out there??
    Leah\'s Legacies
    Making legacies out of your memories

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    Welcome to the forums

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    Fun new blog: Snowboard Stuff


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      Cant wait to see your site.

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        Re: Addicted to Scrapping

        Wow, I think it's a great idea!! I am one of them who would like a scrapbook but can't be bothered! I thought I'd wait until next year when we'll got a dog, it'll be more interesting!! hehe
        You need to be quite creative for this type of things too, I think... which I am not that much...

        Can't wait to see your website and how it will work out!

        Good luck!

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          Hi Leah,

          As you will have realised from the other forum there are lots of others who do commissioned albums so welcome to our club!

          If you are not near enough to visit then check out my online store!!

          Happy crafting